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3-Day Detox To Lose Weight

August 28, 2020

Many people have come up with detox plans and diets that would help out with weight loss. Of them have books that take through the steps on what to do and what not to do. Well, we will be taking a look at one of those books today. And that’s the 3-day detox to lose weight. This book is written by Linda Westwood. And it is one of her bestselling books. So you can be sure that there’s a lot packed inside this book.

The idea of doing a detox and following a diet is simply losing weight and healthy living. Many times the articles you read online aren’t enough to guide you as to the things you should do and not do. That’s why it’s advisable that you opt for a book that is reliable. With a book, you can be sure that every step of the way is guided. And with that, the detox or diet would be easy and at the same time fruitful. Let’s dive into what this product is about.

About The Brand

The writer of this book is Linda Westwood. She believes that it’s necessary for us to be very healthy if we need to make the most out of life that we have. With this, we would be able to move on to the next level of our lives without any health issues. She happens to the #1 best selling author when it comes to books about diet, weight loss, exercise, and nutrition.

She has been doing this for quite a long time. Actually, she has been in the nutrition industry for so many years. And now her aim is to be able to share the knowledge she has with people around. She also educates people about living a healthy life through different means. In the books, she writes she gives a well-detailed explanation on how to do things on a day to day basis. This has been able to help a lot of people in getting it right when it has to do with their health.

There are so many books that she has written. Some of them include the 3-day detox cleanse, belly fat, 15-minute body fix, 7-day weight loss, clean eating, 5:2 diet, and many more. She has surely gained the trust of a lot of customers all thanks to the fact that books are really helpful. And with the books, you would find it a lot easier to do all you need to do. That’s how she has been able to remain relevant for a long time.

The 3-day detox to lose weight book we will be talking about today is the 3-day rapid detox cleanse. With this book, you would be able to lose up to 10 pounds. And as you can see the detox lasts for 3 days. The format of this book that is being sold on Amazon is the audible format. So if you are the type that doesn’t enjoy reading that much you can opt for this. All you will need to do is listen to it and then follow the tips given in the book. This book lasts for about 1 hour 33 minutes.

3-Day Detox To Lose Weight: Is This Book Useful?

This book has been found to be very useful. Many customers that bought the book or have access to it claim that this book has indeed been very helpful. For many of them, they sure didn’t expect what they got after following this. That’s why customers encourage you to give it a try. You can be sure that it is sure worth your try. This book basically talks about detox, reasons why you should do it, how to do it, and when to do it. This helps customers to understand why what they are doing is actually important and should be taken with all seriousness.

Why This Version Is Better Than Competitors

One reason why this version is better than others is that the author of 3-day detox to lose weight is known to be very experienced when it comes to healthy living and weight loss. For so many years she has been in this industry and she has great knowledge as to the things you need. Also, her books are extensively explained which makes this a lot easier for customers to know what to do.

What are the benefits?

  • Helps losing weight without so much exercise: One thing with this detox plan is that you wouldn’t have to do so much work before you would lose weight. Usually, the idea is doing a lot of exercises while dieting or detoxing so that you can lose weight faster. But if you don’t have enough time for exercising or you are just too lazy to exercise this would be a good option for you. You would be able to lose weight without having to do so much exercise.
  • Helps lose fat in the area that is hard to lose: There are parts in the body that are quite hard to lose fat. And even when doing a diet some of these parts still remain the same. And this can be quite discouraging for people. Well, with this detox plan you would be able to lose fat that is quite hard to lose in those areas. And before you know it you would be looking as good as you’ve always wanted to look.
  • You will burn stubborn fat: Some fat in the body is just very stubborn. And no matter how hard you try they would still stick around. Well with this detox plan you would be able to say goodbye to them.
  • Easy to follow: Being easy to follow makes it easy for people to do all they are instructed to do. At the same time, they would be able to do this while enjoying this detox. And this way they can stay healthy for a long time.


The 3-day detox to lose weight book comes at a price of $5.99. This is quite affordable for a detox manual. And many customers are okay with this price.

Company Information

They don’t have a company address as they sell the audible format on Amazon and

Warranty Info or guarantee, if applicable

They offer returns and exchange to their customers that are not satisfied with the product as long as it’s within 365 days of purchasing the book.

Customer Reviews


5 positive reviews

Laura Lou
Great book

My husband and I did this together and even thought we both lost weight, it was more about how it changed our eating habits. I used to eat chocolate or ice cream everyday. In the 2 and 1/2 weeks since the cleanse, I have had 3 dark chocolate squares and 1 cup of low fat ice cream. I have been watching what I eat and incorporating the smoothies into my everyday meals. My husband had bloodwork done right after and all his numbers were lowered drastically. We both have completely changed our eating for the better.

Rebecca Grosch

Do it for you!

Weekend Weight Loss seems impossible, but it’s not! This book is full of easy to read and understand tips to lose wight quickly! It works around the time that you have. When you’re committed to your job and your children, it’s difficult to make time for yourself. But, this book will leave you feeling AWESOME in no time! It’s not just about the wight loss, it’s about your self esteem.

Worth the try

Today is day 3 and overall I am satisfied with the results. When I started the 3 day detox on Friday I weighed 140. Weighing myself this morning I am 136. So it did help with a little bit of weight lose. However, my cravings for unhealthy food has really diminished!. Friday night was hard being it was the first day. I was craving, thinking, talking, googling food. When I woke up Saturday morning I felt AMAZING. I felt good, had energy and no cravings. Overall this seema to be a good detox if cravings and unhealthy eating is getting out of hand for you and you need to get back to a healthy start. Starting tomorrow Monday I will be on the 30 day cleanse by JJ Smith. That helps me lower my body fat and BMI something this 3 day detox did not do for me.

ontario JJ
More Than Expected

This book was very informative about several things, and when I had a question, the author emailed me back with advice. This book also has parts of the author’s other books, so you are getting a lot for the price. Looking forward to trying the cleanse when I have a few days off; looks yummy!!

SanjinTop Contributor: Cooking
Worth a try

I cringe when I see the word “detox” in a title, I don’t believe in detoxication as it is often presented. However, this regime is great for losing weight if you do it properly.
The author of this book doesn’t just provide you with recipes and tell you to go drink juices. She writes extensively about reasons to detox, how, why and even when to do it, she even gives the detailed shopping list for detoxication. I really like that part. There are many books with juice recipes for detoxication, but few of them go in so much detail about it.
This is definitely not an easy program to follow and it probably isn’t for everyone, but it works if you stick with it.

5 negative reviews

Thomas H Roberts

Surprised that this bk got some many great reviews! After reading this bk, I gave it 3 stars for the knowledge of buying good foods, vitamins, and supplements! If you want to spend 3 days just doing a cleanse, a lot of money on foods, supplements, and vitamins, then it is the bk for you! I have gone on a cleanse for 3 days, by buying cold pressed, organic drinks, and would save no money buying the things the bk listed and making it myself! In fact, I may save a little by buying it already made!

Weighty promise
This book states clearly that you will lose 10 pounds and it is not true. I did not lose 10 pounds and not happy about that. I would recommend to the author to not put that if not true. I did give my body a good detox. That makes me happy

Linda Hamilton

I’m disabled and have a lot of issues in my body and It had no good thibgs to offer me.

it did not have anything in it that works for me I give a thumbs down on this a waste of my money

Aimee D

just a boom

thought it was pills to help with weight loss and detox. very upset



Its a book not supplements

It was a book. I didnt want a book. Item description was misleading

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