Aging Badly At 30

Aging Badly At 30— Mistakes That Age You

December 24, 2020

Do you need anti-aging methods at 30 years old? Fun Fact: the first signs of aging usually start during the mid-20s. This might be surprising since people’s bodies tend to peak during this decade. So it’s normal to start seeing some signs of skin aging, for example. However, the problem is if you start experiencing premature aging. This can cause faster-than-normal aging and make you look a lot older than you are. The good news is there are steps you can take like drinking enough water, catching more Zs at night, and using SPF 30+ sunscreen. Taking such basic steps can help to slow down the aging process and help to prevent aging badly when you start your third decade on Earth.

One of the keys to the process is to know what causes aging. There are several factors but certain ones like stress, inflammation, and sugar and the main ones. Another key one is “free radical” molecules that attack healthy cells. You can help fight off these unstable molecules with antioxidants like Vitamin A and C. These can help to fight the signs of aging on the skin, hair, heart, and brain. Aging starts speeding up during middle age and especially during a person’s senior years.


When Exactly Does Aging Start?

This is a loaded question that has a complex answer. Technically speaking we start aging the minute we’re born. This process starts at birth and continues during our entire life. There are times when we’re generally healthier including kids, teens, and young adults.

However, it might be surprising that human skin usually starts showing signs of aging at around 25. The process starts speeding up around middle age. Then by our senior years at 65, it’s usually at full speed. There are exceptions but this is usually the general timeframe.

There are different theories about how we age and what we can do to slow down the process. As noted, we can’t really “stop” the aging process since it never ends. Even “reversing” aging doesn’t happen for the same reason.

The best approach is to slow down aging. There are different theories about how this happens. One is that we need antioxidants to fight “free radical” molecules that attack healthy cells. This can lead to problems like inflammation, illness, and disease.

Another theory is related to DNA molecules and “caps” known as telomeres. They shorten each time a human cell divides/copies so the theory is that slowing down the process can help people to live longer.

It boils down to slowing down the aging process. The world’s oldest person based on written records was a Frenchwoman who lived to be 122 years old. People can live in 100+ because their bodies simply last longer. Meanwhile, Japan tops the world with the highest average lifespan at over 83 years old.

While people’s bodies often peak in their 20s, the aging process can also speed up then. So it’s important to know what causes faster aging so you can try to prevent that from happening.


Top Causes of Aging Badly by 30


Not drinking enough water

Water is the only all-natural 0-calorie food. Make sure you’re drinking at least 3 liters per day. This is even more than the “8 glasses” rule we often hear. If you want to get the most anti-aging benefits then boost your intake from 2 to 3 liters.

Water provides many health benefits. It can help your organs work better, improve skin health, and boost brain function. It also helps to improve digestion and functions as a body detox. When drinking water makes sure it’s purified drinking water so you can minimize substances like heavy metals.


Not relieving stress

Make sure to take the time to reduce stressors during the day. It’s reasonable to have a busy schedule while in your 20s. However, you should take the time needed to reduce stress and stay calm. For example, spend some time meditating in the morning so you start the day with a clear mind.

There are also various stress reduction methods you can use throughout the day. Hobbies/ports can help to reduce stress by doing activities you enjoy. A therapeutic massage can help to soothe muscles while reducing heart rate and providing a calm mind.


Lack of sleep

It’s much easier to experience this when you’re younger due to higher energy levels. However, your body still needs about 7-8 hours of sleep/night in your 20s. It can be tougher in our 20s because of factors like jobs and college.

There are times when you’ll have to do a double shift or burn the midnight oil to prepare for an exam. However, these should be the exception, not the rule. A big mistake people make is thinking they can “catch up” on sleep. It doesn’t work that way. Every night of sleep deprivation shortens your average lifespan.


More Causes of Aging Badly by 30


Skipping Breakfast

One of the biggest mistakes people make is arguing that breakfast should be the biggest meal of the day. That should usually be lunch. However, it could be argued that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Studies show that it can help you eat less during the day because you’ll feel fuller and thus likely have fewer food cravings during the day.

The type of breakfast is also important. The traditional items like toast, muffins, bagels, pancakes, and waffles are often made with refined flour. If you’re going to consume those foods then consider whole grains or low-carb options like almond/coconut flour.

In terms of weight loss, you should go with options like protein over carbs. A good option would be steak & eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt, and fruit juice. If you’re going to consume grains then go with whole grains for more nutrition.


Binge drinking

Many middle-aged people have regrets because they drank lots of alcohol during their 20s. While the body can recover faster the fact remains that it can only process a small amount of alcohol per hour. Binge drinking can become a serious problem and over time result in kidney/liver issues.

How much should you drink? The general guideline is a maximum of one glass of wine or a can of beer per day. Studies show that consuming a small amount of alcohol daily can provide some health benefits. Meanwhile, binge drinking causes the opposite effect and can result in a world of health problems.


Not using sunscreen

Not only should you wear sunscreen regularly when outdoors but you should wear the “right” kind. Go with a broad-spectrum sunscreen that’ 30+ SPF. This will help to provide better protection from UVA/UVB rays. Studies show that ultraviolet rays are one of the main causes of skin aging and aging badly.