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Anti-Aging Supplement: The Breakdown

April 27, 2020

How can you turn back the clock for healthy skin? The aging process is normal but we can take steps to slow it down. For example, over time our bodies start to produce less collagen. This can cause the skin to look dry and saggy. You can add collagen-rich creams and ointments to your skin but these are mostly cosmetic improvements. A better approach is to use an anti-aging supplement that fights the effects of aging from the inside-out. This is a better approach because it also helps to fight other effects of aging on the body and brain. This produces the best overall effects.


When picking a dietary supplement for fighting pre-mature skin aging you have different options. One of the main types of ingredients to consider is antioxidants. These substances help to fight stuff that attacks healthy skin cells. This is one of the main effects that cause the skin to age faster. You can combine supplements with a healthy lifestyle like avoiding ultraviolet (UV)_ rays, regular exercise, and drinking more water. These over-the-counter (OTC) products can also help to add skin-friendly nutrients like Vitamin B3, C, and E. Adding god stuff and removing bad buff is the best approach for fighting wrinkles and maintaining glowing skin.


Top Effects of Skin Aging


  1. Loose Skin: This is normal and causes the body to lose stretchy tissue called “elastin.” When this happens, it can cause the skin to become saggy. If you want to keep healthy skin this involves stretchy skin that’s not too loose or rough.
  1. Cancer-free Lesions: These include benign (non-cancerous) tumors. It’s different from “malignant” tumors, which is a fancy word for tumors with cancer cells. Benign tumors don’t attack tissues that are close or move to other body parts. This differs from cancer tumors.However, non-cancer tumors can still cause problems. That happens when they press on stuff like nerves and blood vessels. So sometimes these tumors need medicines or other treatments.
  1. Weaker Skin: The skin also gets more fragile as a person ages. It results from the area where the top skin layer and the one under it meet. Like other multi-layer substances, they become weaker over time. This makes them less effective.
  1. Rough Skin: One of the biggest skin-related effects of aging is the skin becomes rougher. This is due to various factors. For example, the body produces less of the protein collagen as we age, which is important for healthy skin.Another factor is it’s common for skin to get naturally dryer due to the normal aging process. This makes it tougher for the skin cells to hold water, which can lead to rough skin.
  1. Thin Skin: So-called “thin-skinned” people get bothered by small things. Well, it’s a literal thing when we age. That’s because the aging process causes our skin to become thinner.In fact, the skin becomes more see-through. It results from the skin’s top layer becoming thinner.
  1. Bruise Protection: Older people’s skin bruises easier. That’s because the blood vessels’ walls get thinner. This provides less protection when things contact the skin. An OTC supplement can help


Top Anti Aging Supplement

When picking a supplement, it’s important to know what to look for. Here are some key ingredients:


Vitamin C

This is a vitamin and antioxidant that you can get from fresh veggies and fruits. You’ve probably heard that Vitamin C can fight colds/flus. However, scientists are also studying how the nutrient can also fight/prevent skin-aging.

Vitamin C works in two ways. It helps the body make more collagen protein and also works as an antioxidant. These are both important for helping skin look younger.

Coffee Beans

It turns out the magic bean isn’t just helpful for morning energy boosts. The coffee berry can also improve skin health. It reduces wrinkles, protects the skin, and limits collage damage.

Coffee berries can also help your skin look youthful. That’s by reducing how visible wrinkles and fine lines are.

Vitamin E

This vitamin is found in human skin and different foods like meat, veggies, and seeds. Vitamin E can provide younger-looking skin. This is done by cranking out collagen and helping to make wrinkles, lines, and sunspots less visible.

Researchers are studying how effective cream/lotions with Vitamin C are for the skin. More research is needed.

Green Tea

Green tea has the highest antioxidant level among all herbal teas. Studies show it can provide benefits like weight loss and slower-aging skin. The big health benefits from green tea are from “catechin” chemicals. These antioxidants help to fix damage to skin cells. The chemicals also fix skin issues like spots and wrinkles.

Green tea can even help to treat sun damage from UV rays. That’s done by lowering inflammation and fighting bad molecules called “free radicals.”

Vitamin E

Vitamin E works better when you put it directly on the skin instead of taking a pill/capsule. There are two main forms of Vitamin E supplements in the market.


Tips for Preventing Skin Damage

Wear sunscreen

Fun Fact: The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays still exist on cloudy days. When you go outdoors make sure to wear 30+ sun protection factor (SPF). This helps to prevent your skin’s stretchy tissues from getting damaged. The more sunburns you get the greater your chance of getting skin cancer.

Another issue to keep in mind is suntan lotion is different from sunscreen. Make sure you pick the latter because it offers UVA/UVB protection instead of helping you get a dark tan.


Apply anti-aging lotion/cream at night

The best option is to use 2 products and alternate them. It provides a 1-2 punch when fighting aging’s effects. There are various anti-aging active ingredients to pick from. Do your homework!


Avoid outdoor AND indoor tanning

It might seem like tanning machines are safer than beach tanning. They’re both harmful to the skin due to the ultraviolet (UV) rays.

This can cause lots of issues including premature skin aging. In the summer you should also limit your time outdoors between 11 AM to 2 PM, which are the hottest times of the day.


Avoid cellulite creams

Health experts explain they simply don’t work. If they did then everyone would be using them—including health experts.

They recommend prescription creams for anti-aging. That’s because they have antioxidants or other substances that can provide better results.


Apply cream cleansers

Make sure to select one that’s not too strong or drying. It might seem logical to add dry cleansers if you have oily skin. This seems logical.

Here’s the problem. When you take that step it actually causes the skin cells to crank out more oil. That causes a non-stop cycle of dry/oily skin.

A cream cleanser can clean the skin safely and effectively. It also helps to prevent irritation like an anti-aging supplement.