anti aging supplements for men

Best Anti-Aging Supplements for Men

September 1, 2020

Aging is an inevitable fact of life for both men and women, however — time can still be your friend with the right armory of anti-aging supplements. Aging doesn’t just mean keeping up with the grey hairs and wrinkles. The body gives subtle signs of aging that are more felt than they are seen. The constant fatigue, morning aches, and lack of vigor can take a toll on men once they hit a certain age. Men may not be as concerned with wrinkles and grey hair as much as women, but other aging issues such as sexual function and mobility are on the top list of reasons why men get into health supplements. While cosmetic surgery can delay some visible aging factors in women, there are ways to slow down the natural progression of age by choosing the best anti-aging supplements for men. The health supplement market has a chock-full of anti-aging products for men to suit their needs. We’ve got a line up of great suggestions to give you a headstart.



Although both are essential to take separately, it would be best to reap their benefits together as they complement and support each other well. Zinc is great in supporting one’s immune functions as well as mood and energy. Taking zinc along with copper creates a powerhouse antioxidant known as CuZnSOD, and not many people are aware that they have a deficiency in copper.

Dosage: One supplement capsule of zinc with copper once a day. Not to be taken with meals and other supplements that contain iron and calcium as these reduce your body’s ability to absorb zinc.



Collagen comes in many supplement forms, such as capsules and tonic drinks. But research has shown that you can get a good natural supply of collagen protein from food. Our skin and bones need a steady supply of collagen as we age to keep wrinkles at bay, skin sagging to a minimum, and maintain a healthy structure of bones and connective tissue. Our skin and bone joints benefit most from collagen, as is why it is important to supply the body with it as we age. Collagen also contains glycine that helps with restful slumbers. As we age, the body produces less collagen, and we start feeling creaks in our joints, jiggles in our arms, and wrinkles everywhere. Studies have also shown that specific collagen may protect brain cells from developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Dosage: Supplementing with collagen naturally may be done by consuming bone broth, chicken skin, eggs, salmon, pork and tasty beef tendons, tripe, and a good oxtail stew. Incorporate this food into your dishes regularly and just get creative with your dishes. If these are not quite to your palate’s preference then you may use other forms of collagen supplements.



These 3 vitamins always work together as a team. It keeps your immune system in top form, along with your heart and bones. Vitamin D generally is your go-to for calcium metabolism and keeping your bones healthy and keeps inflammation away. Vitamin K is what carries all the calcium nutrients through your bloodstream and into the bones. It also minimizes the appearance of veins and bruising on aging skin. Vitamin A, on the other hand, supports Vitamin D in building your immune system. Think of it as having super-tight security guarding your fountain of youth and fighting off age from silently creeping into your system.

Dosage: One soft gel each daily with meals will do the trick.



This supplement is an amino acid that can enhance brain cells and brain function. It is a great antioxidant that improves physical energy as it promotes good blood flow and reduces inflammation in the body. This is a top favorite as its brain-enhancing powers keep you sharp and improve mental focus as you age.

Dosage: Work up your intake with an initial dose of 1000mg day and go up to 2000 mg/day.



A compound found in turmeric, which gives this ayurvedic root its yellow color is found to block inflammatory cells as well as proteins that can wreak havoc in the body’s immune system. When the body is burdened with a chronic state of inflammation, you are at high risk of developing a roster of metabolic diseases ranging from diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Inflammation manifests itself when the body is subjected to stress, environmental toxic substances, an unhealthy gut from eating food that is known to cause inflammation such as sugar, dairy, and gluten.

Dosage: You may choose to include turmeric in your daily diet and everyday dishes, but 2 softgels of curcumin supplement with meals will cover all that you need to reap its benefits.



Antioxidants are mainstays in any anti-aging regimen. It is what keeps health detrimental toxins we acquire from unhealthy habits at a safe distance. Polyphenols are naturally produced in foods that have bright colors such as blueberries, green or brown coffee beans, red cabbage, and cacao nibs. These contain high doses of antioxidants that protect our immune system as well as our brains from lifestyle-induced stress and free radicals that get absorbed by the body.

Polyphenols are also great at slowing down aging in our brains, which keeps our memory sharp and allows for enhanced learning abilities even at an older age.

Dosage: If you’re not a big veggie eater– broad spectrum polyphenol supplements are a better choice for you to reap its benefits. You may have to eat a wide range of vegetables and plant-based food every day to get polyphenols to work to your advantage. A dosage of 4 Polyphenomenall 2.0 capsules a day gets you one your way to your anti-aging goals.



Before you raise an eyebrow and scroll down, whey protein is not necessarily just for building muscles. Bodybuilders take whey protein for its abundance of amino acids that keep the liver producing glutathione. Glutathione is the big shot antioxidant that rules over your body. It neutralizes toxins in the liver and supports both your immune system and brain functions.

Dosage: Whey protein products are aplenty in health and wellness stores both online and in grocery aisles. Stay away from whey protein isolate as it does not support the production of glutathione. Stick with cold-pressed whey protein and take it cold. Put a couple of tablespoons in your drink each day at a minimum and about 4 tablespoons if you work out.