Anti-Aging Supplements for Skin

Anti-Aging Supplements for Skin: What Do They Contain?

May 30, 2020

The skin is quite delicate. That’s one organ that’s constantly being exposed to so many things. Talk of toxins, physical trauma and many other things. All these affect the health of your skin. Also, as a person grows older, the skin also grows older. So the skin doesn’t look as good as it looked when you were young. And in the quest to get the skin to look good even when a person gets old, anti-aging supplements came into the picture. Well, the aim of these supplements is to restore the health of your skin. Many people know that there are anti-aging supplements for skin out there but don’t know which one is best. We’ll take a look at some really good anti-aging supplements for skin.

Over the years, there have been some controversy as to whether these supplements really work. The truth is that when you first hear it, it’s too good to be true. But with the scientific backing available these supplements have been proven to be indeed effective. That’s why we will be looking at some of the best anti-aging supplements you can use for your skin today. These are some of the best supplements you can get in town.

Nicotinamide riboside

There are many of these supplements that increase the mitochondrial function. Mitochondria is the powerhouse of cells. Nicotinamide riboside happens to be a type of vitamin B. That’s why it’s a great option for dealing with aging process. It is known for protecting your brain cells from toxins. At the same time, it helps reduce stress. With this, it helps with the increase of the ratio of NAD+ to NADH. NAD+ is used for protection of cells in the body. it also helps repair worn out DNA in the body and maintain a good sleep cycle.


This is a plant chemical that’s quite rich in antioxidants. Just like other antioxidants that you know it also helps reduce inflammation. With this, there is a better efficiency of the cells. Studies have shown that it’s also a great anti-tumor supplement. It helps reduce the risk of having cancer and prevents it from spreading if you have already. It also helps slow down the aging process. A study that was carried out showed that there was an improved quality of life.


This is a brain-enhancing amino acid that’s great as an anti-agent supplement. It is also a powerful antioxidant. It helps in improving the normal brain function. Overall, it improves the blood flow in your body.

Collagen protein

Collagen is known to be the most abundant protein in the body. It helps enhance the structure of bones, skin, connective tissue, and muscles. Collagen also helps improves skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. It is also great for promoting good sleep. It provides glycine to your body. And this amino acid helps improve your rest at night. And taken enough rest also has a great effect on your skin.

Whey protein

If you are a bodybuilder then you’re most likely familiar with this. But that’s not all you can get from whey protein. It provides enough amino acids to the liver needed for the production of glutathione.


This happens to be the master antioxidant present in the body. This helps neutralize your body by getting rid of toxins. It boosts your immunity and supports the mitochondria of cells. With this, it’s expected to have great effects on your skin.


These are antioxidants that you would find normally in bright-colored foods. Such as red cabbage, blueberries, cacao, and coffee. They reduce the amount of stress your brain experiences. And also helps get rid of free radicals. This helps in slowing down the aging process in the brain. Thus enhancing the anti-aging process.


This is known as pyrroloquinoline quinone. It is one of the fore-frontiers in anti-aging research and science. This is actually a micronutrient that also acts as an antioxidant. It helps protect your cells from free radicals. And with that, it improves the state of your brain and heart. At the same time, it helps reduce inflammation which is great for anti-aging.

What do anti-aging supplements for skin contain?

  • B Vitamins: There are many types of vitamin B. But all of them are very essential for skin, nails and hair. All these vitamins have a similar function. This is to convert food gotten into energy. And with this, the health of the skin is improved.
  • Coenzyme Q10: This is also known as vitamin Q. This vitamin is a great antioxidant that helps have smooth and glowing skin. It actually protects the elastic tissue in the skin. The collagen in the skin as well is protected. And with that, the end result is amazing.
  • Copper: Copper is actually present in the skin in very small amounts. It binds the proteins together. This mineral is actually important for the formation of collagen. The job of copper is to prevent sagging of the skin. And to also fill in wrinkles that form on the skin.
  • Peptides: Peptides are small chain amino acids. And because of the promising benefits of peptides, they have become quite popular for anti-aging. Peptides are actually the building blocks of proteins. They help in stimulating the production of collagen. At the same time, they help improve the look of wrinkles.
  • Retinol: This is vitamin A-derived. It helps in the speeding up and turnover of the production of collagen. With this, you get a smoother and young-looking skin. It is has been tested time and time again and has been proven to be effective. That’s why it remains one of the best ingredients for anti-aging supplements for skin.

Anti-aging supplements actually work. There’s no doubt that some of them aren’t what they say they are. But there are few that still give you the desired results. That’s why it’s important to look out for different good products before opting for your final pick. That way you can be sure that you aren’t making any mistake as to your choice of anti-aging supplements for skin.