Argan Oil Benefits

Health Benefits of Argan Oil

January 11, 2019

What is argan oil?

The native argan trees from Morocco produce kernels, and these kernels are what argan oil is made of.

Traditionally, argan oil can be used topically (directly apply to the skin) or orally (ingested by mouth) to acquire the health benefits needed by some of the body parts such as the nails, skin, and hair. It has various vitamins and other health properties that are good for skin health.

Several forms of the argan product are sell in the market. It can be in the form of supplement capsules or mixed with cosmetic products such as soap, shampoos, and conditioner.

What are the health benefits of argan oil for the skin?

Acts as Sunscreen

Argan oil has long been used by the Moroccan women as a sunscreen. It prevents the harmful rays of sun to cause any damage to their skin. This practice has been supported by a study conducted in 2013.

The said study have vital findings in the use of argan oil for the skin. The antioxidant property is its number one component that barriers the skin against the damage, such as hyperpigmentation and burns, that the sun can cause. It can hinder skin cancer development and melanoma in the long run.

To have this same effect, you can try either of the topical or the oral supplement form of argan oil.

Acts as Skin Moisturizer

Aside from the skin protection, argan oil also acts as a skin moisturizer. It contains a lot of vitamin E which makes the skin healthy; that is why you can mostly found this as one of the main ingredients in soaps, lotions, and other skin care products.

For moisturizer use, you may apply it directly or take supplement products. Either of the forms has the same moisturizing effect.

Assists with Skin Issues

Several skin conditions including rosacea and psoriasis can be solved with the help of argan oil. It is because of the number of healing properties it contains such as the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant property.

To treat rosacea, take the supplement form of the product. Meanwhile, to treat psoriasis, use pure argan oil by applying it directly to the skin.

Acne Fighter

Acne resulted from the excess sebum that is produced during the body’s hormonal change. That is why you can mostly observe it during the period of women as well as the teenage period.

Luckily, argan oil contains an anti-sebum formula which can manage the sebum produced by the skin, resulting for a smoother, healthier, and acne-free skin.

For best results, use skin-care products such as cream-containing argan oil two times a day. In four weeks, you will notice the big difference in your skin.

Kills Skin Infections

Included in the many properties of argan oil is its fungicidal and antibacterial capability. It simply means, that it can assist in killing skin infections. It can both assist with the treatment and prevention of skin infections.

Applying products with argan oil topically can show this result.

Has Therapeutic Properties

If you ever have a cut, you will notice that applying argan oil directly to it, or taking some supplement, can fasten its healing process. This phenomenon is because of the combined force of vitamin E and antioxidants which argan oil possesses.

Soothes Atopic Dermatitis

Perhaps you have heard the atopic dermatitis condition which is a very irritating skin disease. It has symptoms like turning the skin red and making it itchy as well. But by directly applying argan oil, these symptoms are controlled.

Research has found that the natural inflammatory and vitamin E properties of argan oil are what cause to soothe the symptoms of atopic dermatitis. In fact, a study divided its participants into two groups. The first group was only taking a placebo while the second group was provided with abundant vitamin E through argan oil supplement. Significantly, those who were supplied with vitamin E has a great percentage to decrease the symptoms.

Provide Younger-Looking Skin

Many anecdotal proofs have been provided for the claims of argan oil to give a youthful look. However, as much as how huge the number of this evidence is, it is still considered as anecdotal.

Nevertheless, research conducted recently was able back this claim positively. The study took participants who are in their postmenopausal period; and significantly, the combination of argan oil cosmetics and supplements affected the elasticity of their skin positively, proving that argan oil has an anti-aging formula.

The researchers then concluded that you can have this same result by either taking supplements or applying it directly or doing both on a regular basis.

Effective Oil Controller

Every man was created unequal. So, is each man’s oil production. Some are naturally producing more oil than the other and this is not positive.

Argan oil can deliberately manage this problem. In four weeks, cream-containing argan oil reduces the oil production in participants of one study.

Reduces Stretch Marks and Prevents It from Coming Back

Pregnant women often experience having these ugly marks, but there are no exceptions of having stretch marks. Anyone can have it.

Positively, a 2016 study shows argan oil effect to stretch marks. It both helps and prevent stretch marks when they observed the elasticity skin improvements among the participants who apply a water-in-oil cream that contains argan oil.

Do you want this same effect? If you’re starting to observe the production of stretch marks, just topically apply argan oil in the affected area two times a day.

What are its risks and side effects?

Though argan oil is considered safe and effective, there are rare cases in which argan oil produces side effects. These side effects are mostly rooted in having an allergic reaction to tree nuts. So, even though stone fruit is the source of argan oil, it still can activate the symptoms of the allergy.

If used topically, it can cause the skin to produce some itchy or painful rashes. It can irritate the skin much that it will produce acne.

Similarly, if argan product is ingested, it can result in a number of skin reaction as well as negative stomach side effects such as bloating, diarrhea, gas, and nausea. Your appetite may also be affected.

Finally, there are rare cases in which argan oil supplements affected sleep and mood. It can cause depression, overexcitement, difficulty sleeping, agitation, confusion, and general malaise.

If any of these symptoms arise upon the use of argan oil products, immediately quit its use.

Argan oil benefits