Best Anti-Aging Foods to Maintain Brain Health

November 11, 2020

Aging is an inevitable fact we all have to face hopefully much later than soon. As much as we all want to look younger as we age, this requires a lot more than just wishful thinking. It takes a good amount of discipline to stick with good habits such as exercise, enough sleep at night, and- skincare. Our skin is the first give away to our age. It is essential to include a list of the best anti-aging foods in our diet to maintain beauty and brain health.

Diet– the right diet, has a lot to do with keeping your body and brain in top form. Choosing the best anti-aging foods and eliminating the ones that are harmful to your health goes a long way in holding back that clock for a while. Keeping the brain healthy is the best preemptive measure one can take to keep neurodegenerative diseases at bay.

This is why people feel so much better from the inside out when they eat a nutritionally dense diet. They can think, focus, and have a better memory. Studies have demonstrated that certain nutrients from specific food can improve cognitive abilities. These brain superfoods help to keep you in your best form as they protect your brain cells from the early onset of degeneration such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.


Healthy Eating Tips for Anti-Aging

  • Stick to eating foods from plant sources: Plant-based foods are known to keep the heart healthy and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fiber, antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatories that keep your body and brain healthy
  • Go Omega 3: Your heart and arteries will thank you for this. Omega fatty acids reduce and regulates blood pressure and prevent the formation of clots and plaque. They improve brain and memory health as well as fight off inflammation.
  • Load up on fiber and whole grains: whole grains contain a lot of dietary fiber which helps improve your cholesterol levels and lowers your risk of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The vast variety of vitamins and minerals in fiber all contribute to regulating thyroid and boost your immune system
  • Read and Understand food labels: be vigilant with what is in your food when you go grocery shopping. Stick with food that is low in saturated fat to prevent heart disease, choose ones low in sodium to avoid hypertension, low in sugar, and low in calories. If you want to manage your weight
  • Follow the Mediterranean Diet: Because it embraces healthy eating, the Mediterranean diet has shown links that are attributed to reducing the rate of cancer development, the onset of Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s disease.


12 Best Anti-aging Foods to Maintain Brain Health

If you’re looking to improve and boost your brain health, grab a hold of these 12 super brain foods whenever you’re doing the groceries to keep you on top of your game :


1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Some of the best green food for the brain are kale, swiss chard, romaine lettuce, and spinach. These are packed with antioxidants that can protect your brain from early deterioration brought about by aging. Studies show that two servings a day of green leafy veggies lessened the occurrence of early warning signs of dementia.


2. Blueberries

Medical researchers associate the gallic acid found in blueberries to be a protective agent against oxidative stress. This superfruit may improve the symptoms and effects of Alzheimer’s disease on elderly people. Regular consumption of blueberries was also linked to the improvement of motor skills and learning abilities. The high content of vitamin C and K in blueberries have much to be credited for in this aspect as well.


3. Salmon

The presence of omega 3 fatty acids in salmon is fundamental for maximum brain function. The fatty acids in salmon are known to have anti-inflammatory properties that make it even more of the best anti-aging foods for the body and brain. Try to have salmon for dinner at least two to three times a week and see how much it has improved your memory and focus.


4. Eggs

Memory plays a vital role in aging. Memory lapses can take a toll on a person’s ability to communicate properly. Eating whole eggs regularly is said to keep the memory sharp due it its choline content that feeds the brain’s neurotransmitters.


5. Walnuts

Rich in Vitamin E, walnuts help with keeping the brain razor-sharp even as you age. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that traps free radicals that can potentially harm the body and brain cells


6. Avocados

This creamy fruit is brimming with a monounsaturated fat supply that supports proper blood flow to vital organs including the brain. Avocado is considered to be the best brain food due to its high content of potassium. It also lowers blood pressure that helps the brain function


7. Almond butter

Another superfood for the brain due to its overflowing concentrations of vitamin E that can greatly improve a person’s cognitive abilities


8. Pumpkin seeds

These small brain-boosting seeds are loaded with zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper. All these nutrients support brain function from learning to memory. When a person is iron deficient, this greatly affects their ability to focus and perform mental tasks.


9. Dark Chocolate

Yes, not just any chocolate but dark chocolate contains copious amounts of antioxidants, flavonoids as well as caffeine that help boost learning and memory abilities and cognitive decline that comes with age.


10. Cherry Tomatoes

Just like other red and orange fruits and veggies, cherry tomatoes contain lots of carotenoids that are known to improve memory and the ability to think. Packed with extremely high concentrations of Lycopene, it is one of the best and readily available foods in the grocery you can include in your daily diet to boost mental abilities.


11. Oranges

Oranges are the keys to mental sharpness. The vitamin C content of this citrus fruit helps to protect your brain from age-related neurodegenerative disease. The antioxidant properties in oranges fight off free radicals in the body that can potentially be harmful to brain cells