Best cardio workouts

Best Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss and Well-Being

January 16, 2019

There is a common notion that people want to lose weight for the primary reason of being able to look better. But in reality, if we want to have a closer look as to why people engage in different physical or strenuous activities, a lot of them will answer that it is because of their eagerness to stay fit and healthy. To stay fit, it is really helpful to follow a set of workout plan to ensure that you are not at a pace that will cause you to slide down your progress.

One of the most popular ways to lose weight and stay fit is to be involved in different cardio workouts. These routines are best if you are aiming to have a lean body as it will help burn your fat at a faster rate. In addition to losing weight and burning fat, these routines are also important to maintain your muscles and get the results you expect sooner.

For those who are working on improving their health and aiming to have a better body shape, then here are the best cardio workouts that you can try.

Elliptical Machine Workout

Designed to lessen the risk of injuring the hips and knees during exercise, the elliptical machine workout is effective when it comes to boosting the ability of the body to burn calories such as stairmasters and treadmills. The average number of calories that can be burned when using the elliptical machine for workout is around 500 to 600 if you weight 180 pounds. However, the calories to be burned will be increased if the resistance, speed, and intensity of the exercise are also upped.

What is the most effective way to lose weight using the elliptical machine workout? In order to lose more weight and keep our leg muscles working, then the best thing to do is to implement a high incline in the machine as this simulates the movement of a person climbing the stairs. On the other hand, if you want to simulate skiing, then the best method to do is to enhance the resistance and lessen the incline level of the machine.


Aside from using the elliptical machine, another way effective cardio workout is running. To lose more calories and burn fat faster, it is helpful to ensure that you are following a moderate pace. As compared to the elliptical machine workout, a person with 180 pounds can lose around 940 calories by doing this exercise in an hour, as long as the pace does not go less than seven miles per hour.

With this pace and speed, it is possible that the muscles will breakdown since these will be involved in lots of movements. To prevent this from happening, running at trails with soft surfaces will be the best shot.

For those who prefer to run on a treadmill, it is essential to have a two to three percent incline. This setting will not just help burn more calories but will also have less impact on your knees.

Stair Climber

Developed to help us burn around 500 to 600 calories in an hour, the stair climber is effective in losing weight as well as in helping our legs function as expected. As a precautionary measure to those who are eager to try this cardio workout, ensure that you relax your knees after exercising as the stair climber can put your knees and joints to a lot of stress and pressure.

Jumping Rope

One of the cardio workouts that you can try at the comfort of your home is the jumping rope. A popular exercise and training routine for boxers, jumping rope is very conducive to use and enhances a person’s speed. In addition to this, the other areas that can be improved by this exercise are your coordination as well as shoulder strength. Around 500 calories are expected to be burned after performing an hour of this exercise. To enhance your endurance and boost your footwork, then the best way to do the workout is to have this done in 30 minutes with the intervals of slow and fast jumps.


You can maximize the health benefits from cycling if you work on a stationary bike at high speed for a minimum time. Afterward, slow down the speed for a minute to recuperate and repeat these several times. Experts agree that performing vigorous cycling can help you lose 1,150 calories at an hour.


A good cardio workout commonly recommended by doctors to children who are having troubles with their breathing such as those who are asthmatic is swimming. This is because the workout enhances all your muscles when you fight gravity to keep yourself from drowning. The exercise is effective in burning fat as medical professionals agree that around 14 calories are estimated to be burned after a minute doing the exercise.

What is the most helpful way to lose weight when swimming? Research says that to lose more calories, the best move is to have water treading as an interval to swimming laps. It will also be helpful to increase your speed while swimming to burn more fat.


Last but not the least, sprinting is an effective cardio workout that you want to try. Whether in your house or in a gym or at the park, this exercise can be easily done. This workout can be performed at the bleachers or at your place’s stairs if you want to enhance the number of calories that you will burn through the duration of the exercise. This workout may be as simple as it looks, but it considered as the most helpful one in terms of burning fat.

A tip for those who want to stay fit, the best method is to sprint a lap followed by jogging. Repeat this step as if you are exercising and using a treadmill. Once you get tired, get rest periods that are still in motion such as walking. Do not stop until after one to three minutes of cooling down.