Best Castor Oil For Hair Growth

5 Best Castor Oil For Hair Growth

December 12, 2020

As men age, it is common to have troubles with hair growth. You might have different options if you fall into this category. But have you tried the best oil for hair growth?

Many people believe that natural genetic factors are responsible for hair thinning in men. But this is not always true. One factor that is not commonly mentioned or addressed is unhealthy scalps. If your scalp is not very healthy, your hair would not grow as it ought.

The benefits of castor oil for hair growth are not from any additional nutrition. They also have no supercharging effect on hair follicles. Instead, what castor oil does is to help improve scalp health. They soothe the scalp, as well as alleviate irritation and inflammation. These, in turn, improve hair thickness and growth.

In short, castor oil makes your scalp more suitable for hair growth. If your hair would be strong, thick, and full, your scalp environment must be stable and healthy.

More so, castor oil contains an abundance of omega-6 fats. These fats can help improve blood flow in your scalp. When the scalp is well nourished with nutrients and oxygen, it leads to faster and better hair growth.

If that’s not enough, castor oil is also a very effective moisturizer. As such, you can use castor oil as a natural remedy for dry scalp or dry hair.

Many skincare and hair manufacturers use castor oil in their products and they often market it as a miracle oil. But to be honest, castor oil can’t cure every hair ailment as some might want you to believe. But it is an age-long potent hair enhancer and moisturizer.


Guidelines for Choosing the Best Oil for Hair Growth

You must certain factors in mind if you are looking for a good castor to boost your hair growth. If you can factor in these considerations, you will get the best oil for healthier and fuller hair. The factors are as follows:


1. Purity

Pure oil is always the best. It does not contain any artificial ingredients. You should, therefore, look for a pure product whenever possible. Examples of artificial ingredients to watch against include fragrances and alcohol, as well as other enhancements. These ingredients can irritate or dry out your skin.


2. Certified Organic

You should get products that are Certified Organic by the USDA. The organic label certifies that the product uses only natural ingredients. It doesn’t contain any synthetics. Also, it means that the seeds from which the oil was extracted were grown without growth enhancers or fertilizers.


3. Authorized Sellers

You should get castor oil only from authorized merchants. These include well-known health stores and pharmacies. And if you’re purchasing from an online merchant, make sure it’s a reputable site like Amazon. It would be good to check reviews before you buy from an online store.


4. Hexane-Free

Some manufacturers use the solvent, Hexane extract castor oil from the seeds. Hexane, like all other chemical solvents, might introduce impurities into the oil. This compromises the oil’s integrity. As such, hexane-free products are the best.


5. Grade

There are generally 2 grades of castor oil. The better of the 2 is the AA Standard. This refers to oil extracted from the first seed pressing. This is what people usually call virgin oil. It is even better if your AA standard oil cold-pressed. This is the best quality oil.

Aside from organic cold-pressed, there are two other types of castor oil. There is the Jamaican black castor oil and there is Castor wax (or hydrogenated castor oils).

5 Best Castor Oil For Hair Growth


The Best Castor Oil for Hair Growth


1. Kate-Blanc Cosmetics Castor Oil (Certified Organic)

This product can help reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. More so, it can also treat dry and brittle hair, as well as dandruff and dry scalp. All of these can boost healthy hair growth.

Aside from the hair on your head, this brand works wonders for eyebrows and eyelashes. This is why many users love it. It even comes with a ready-made kit eyebrow and eyelash. This makes it pretty simple to apply the oil in adequate amounts.

Aside from hair growth and scalp health, you can also use this product for treating acne, blemishes, scars, and fine lines. It can also help to trap and retain moisture in your skin.


2. Pura D’Or 100% Natural Castor Oil

This brand is one of the best for many reasons. It has many great benefits for the hair and uses only natural ingredients. It will surely give your hair the best treatment with no risk whatsoever.

Aside from the boost, it gives to hair growth, this product is also beneficial for other parts of your body and face. More so, its application is simple and easy. And it is USDA certified too, so it contains no synthetic fragrances, harmful chemicals, or artificial colorants.


3. Sky Organics Castor Oil (Cold-Pressed; USDA Organic)

This versatile product is good for your hair, nails, and skin. It is even good for your eyelashes too. Aside from hair growth, it also has many other hair health benefits. The brand is all-natural and organic-certified. Their products deliver top-notch results.

The fatty acids and vitamins in this product will nourish your hair follicles and hydrate your scalp. What’s more, it is 100% pure and organic castor oil.


4. Shiny Leaf Pure Cold-pressed Castor Oil

This castor oil brand will make your hair thrive and keep it at its best look ever. It is indeed one of the all-around effective castor oils you would find on the market for hair treatment. It promotes the natural growth of hair and hydrates both the scalp and hair.


5. NOW 100% Pure Castor Oil

This product is also very potent and contains no synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals. And to make it even better, the oil is odorless. Because it’s gentle, you can use it on your scalp and hair, as well as on your body and face.

The best castor oil for hair growth includes the 5 brands we have listed above. And don’t think that they are useful for men alone. Women can also use them for hair health benefits.