Cannabis Weight Gain

Does Cannabis Make You Gain Weight?

January 23, 2019

One of the most abused substances across the world, marijuana is becoming a controversial topic. This is the same for its contributions to medicine are starting to grow. Slowly, it is becoming legalized in several U.S. states as local governments have started to propose measures to approve the legal status recreational marijuana beginning 2018. Among the states that have moved to submit these proposals are Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts and California. Reports circulating regarding the moves of these states have make marijuana more accessible to people.

Also known as cannabis, marijuana as mentioned have several health benefits aside. One of its popular uses is to enhance the performance of athletes. This is why major tournaments always make sure to conduct illegal substance tests before they allow an athlete to participate. Before we proceed with the other aspects of cannabis, it is best to first have a closer look at this recreational substance.

A Closer Look on Cannabis

Cannabis refers to a psychoactive medicine that was extracted from a plant that both have recreational and medical uses. As its use is widely restricted in the country, many people have been addicted to this substance. Thus, the birth of different names for this medicine such as grass, weed, ganja, stinkweed, pot, and Mary Jane.

What makes the cannabis addictive? There are several reasons behind this. First of all, is that the plant and its buds are dried, then these easily become easy to be processed and smoked. Secondly, the plant cannabis can be added to processed and edible food products.

To help you learn more about cannabis, here are some of the effects of using marijuana on our body.

Cannabis Affects our Rational Thinking and State of Mind

Cannabis or marijuana is rich in cannabidiol and tetrahydrocannabinol which compromises the appropriate functioning of our brain and body. These chemicals affect the psychological state once we have ingested or inhaled it. It is the one responsible for creating hallucinations or the feeling of being high.

Aside from this, the chemicals intervene with the brain functioning that controls the other body functions such as stress reactivity, appetite, pain sensation, and immune function. Among the common effects of cannabis once it entered our brain system are relaxation, euphoria, drowsiness, altered responsiveness, better sensory awareness and increased appetite.

Does Cannabis Make You Gain Weight?

One of the frequently asked questions in relation to the use of marijuana is the substance contributes to weight gain. The answer to this question is a big YES. As mentioned, marijuana has a high content of tetrahydrocannabinol. Once this chemical is ingested or inhaled, it will stay in the fat tissue. Several studies conclude that the presence or build up of tetrahydrocannabinol in the fat tissue leads to an increase in abdominal visceral fat. This causes cannabis weight gain. In addition to this claim, other clinical research also found the tetrahydrocannabinol to trigger increased appetite in marijuana users, which contributes to weight gain.

Many research was conducted and published to support this claim. One of these even suggested that long-term cannabis use puts subjects at risk for increased fat in the body. But it is important to know that weight gain is likely seen if the substance is often or regularly used.

Impact of Marijuana on Workouts or Physical Activities

As mentioned above, marijuana has some chemicals that when ingested or inhaled will modify our sensory awareness as well as responsiveness. These two reactions will compromise one’s safety when doing physical activities or workouts after having cannabis. To support this argument, clinical studies are done in the past years.

One of the studies claimed that the use of weed impacts a person’s efforts to exercise in a negative way. As an analogy, researchers compared doing workouts with high weight dumbbells after using cannabis to a driving after drinking alcoholic beverages. Among the symptoms that can be experienced after inhaling or ingesting marijuana are less muscle function and slow motor response.

Another research to support the previously discussed claim argued that cannabis was proven to significantly raise a person’s blood pressures. It also helps rest heart rate after ingesting or inhaling marijuana and doing physical activities. Deficits and delays in reaction time and standing steadiness  have been observed in subjects post inhale and ingestion of the substance.

Other Important Notes About Cannabis Weight Gain and Health Effects

Despite the contradictions in studies about its possible effects on weight gain, we should always bear in mind that the association of the substance with increased body fat was proven by many researchers. The same goes with the claims of cannabis delaying motor function and decreasing the sensory awareness. With these proven claims, we should remember and bear in heart that there are other safe alternatives or options if you want to lose weight or boost one’s physical fitness. You can always opt for practicing healthy diets as well as doing physical exercises. These classic but proven techniques are the best and safest ways to your aim of becoming more physically fit.

On the other side, it is also good to open our minds to the health benefits that cannabis can offer to us. Recent studies claim that cannabis can help improve eyesight or address some troubles related to our optic nerves. The best thing about using cannabis is that to take it under the advice of a physician and in moderation. To avoid experiencing any health troubles, you should only take it based on the dosage and frequency as prescribed by a medical professional.

Personal Views on Cannabis Use

My two cents on this subject is that this substance is helpful to our health. But as it is really addictive, might as well seek for other safer alternatives if there are any that your physician can offer. If there are no available options, make sure that you don’t exceed your doctor’s recommended dosage. This avoid addicted to this substance and put your health at risk and in many dangers along the way.