Does Lysine Help Get Rid of Cold Sores?

Lysine for Cold Sores

Lysine is one of the building blocks for protein known as an Amino Acid. As one of the essential Amino Acids, people are advised to take Lysine for building up their immune system and their muscles. However, Lysine has another use. A common “medical” use would be against Cold Sores.

Health Benefits of Seaweed Soup

Seaweed Soup Benefits

When it comes to eating seaweed soup, it’s often found in Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine uses a variety of seaweed from Konbu, Nori, Aonori, and Hijiki. Some other kinds of seaweed include Arosep or what are also known as Sea Grapes which are known for their grape-like shape.

What are Cruciferous Vegetables?

Cruciferous Vegetables

When people ask what are cruciferous vegetables, it’s quite hard to explain. Instead, people give an example of cruciferous vegetables. These vegetables include cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, kale, and watercress.