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Does Cod Liver Oil Work?

April 5, 2019

Cod Liver oil is a fish oil supplement that has a lot of health benefits related to that of a fish oil supplement. The usual benefits of fish oil and that also of cod liver oil is, is preventing heart and circulatory system-related illnesses. It also helps improve the performance of the circulatory system by upholding the overall health and wellness of your circulatory system. It has nutrients and vitamins too that are not just good for the heart but all for some parts of the human body.

Specific Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

1. Packed with Vitamins

It is noteworthy to mention that the cod liver oil actually comes from the Atlantic cod. The Atlantic cod is worthy of mentioning because that oil that you could get from there is packed with vitamins and nutrients especially vitamins A and D. In addition to vitamins A and D, the cod liver oil is also rich in, sat, omega 3, and calories. The most abundant contents that it harbors are vitamins A and D. Can you believe that almost 91% of your daily vitamin A needs can be supplement by liver cod oil?

Do not underestimate the job of vitamin A in our body. It helps to improve eyesight, our brain performance, and the health of our skin tissues. On the other hand, vitamin D is an important agent in strengthening our bones and the increases in calcium absorption for bone fortitude.
Cod liver oil is not a recent discovery. It was discovered many years back, and since then, it has become a popular treatment for bone diseases and disorder especially for young people with developing bones.

You should know that cod liver oil and regular fish oil are two different agents of health. Both of them are the same in the sense that their oils are majority sourced from fishes. However, these fishes are different in term of what the content of the oil is and even consistency.

2. Cod Liver Oil Could Decrease the Occurrence of Inflammation

We all dread the occurrence of inflammation in many parts of the body. There is no part exception where it would not be painful unless masked by painkillers and treated by prescribed antibiotics. What’s worse is inflammation might stay longer than its usual stint in our body. This is bothersome since this might mean, the longer will to endure the pain and its symptoms. If not treatable by antibiotics, you might be forced to go on a trip to a doctor. So, you guessed it right; inflammation is a nightmare.

Inflammation might be a natural reaction by our body to combat infections and certain invasions but there factors that cause it to appear much worse and much longer. These factors are excessive protein and the increase in the number of free radical in our body. The cod liver oil has vitamins A and D as antioxidants and omega- 3 that decreases the number of protein that contributes to the worsening of the inflammation. These three agents work together to address the triggering factors of inflammation to appear worse than its supposed original state.

3. The Cod Liver Oil Cares for your Bones

Your bones are developing machines up until the age of 30 years old. When you reached 30 years old up, it stops its sterling performance as a developing machine because out naturally flows with the curse of aging. So, the decline of your bones begin. This is especially for frustrating for women because they appear to have the larger chances of getting the start of a decline earlier than that of men. Every problem has a solution, and bone loss and bone decline have one-vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps prevent the decline of your bone and the increase in bone loss by speeding up the process of calcium absorption. Calcium helps a lot in helping you regain the loss of bone at the onset of your bone decline. With children, vitamin D is of use too. Young people are prone to injury when they are young because their bones are still developing, but if vitamin D is early on introduced to their system, it helps a lot in strengthening their bones.

4. The Cod Liver Oil Can Help Reduce the Symptoms of Joint Disorders

Joint disorders like arthritis have symptoms characterized by pain, swelling, the stiffness of the joint, and inflammation. It is caused by autoimmune diseases and is common among old people. Currently, there is no established treatment for arthritis. However, there are relieving remedies for arthritis bothering symptoms like the swelling, stiffness, pain, and inflammation of the joints. It is said that the cod liver oil can help improve those mentioned symptoms. Experts believe that these relieving properties has something to do with the omega 3 fatty acid contained in the cod liver oil.

5. Improves Your Vision

The decline of your vision is devastating for you especially as you got older. When we are young, we usually enjoy our clear vision and is being careless about improving its health. When one gets older, they are somehow more concerned with the decline of vision and some might even experience vision loss. The decline in the health of your vision is not something to be careless about because losing one of your senses is such a horrible thought especially if it means, not seeing the world again. Vision loss and the decline of your vision’s health are commonly due to chronic inflammation.

The cod liver oil has omega-3 in it that is known to relieve and prevent chronic inflammation. Therefore it was logically translated as to preventing the cause for the future possible occurrence of vision decline. This study is made with animals as a subject matter, and no human has been immersed under this experiment, so further research and tests should be made first so we can coherently conclude that indeed cod liver oil helps in macular vision decline.

Vitamin A, a popular vitamin that cod liver oil has, can also help in preventing the decline of our vision. However, vitamin A should be watched in terms of dosage as too much of it might cause toxicity for humans.

6. The Cod Liver Oil Might Prevent the Occurrence of Future Heart-Related Diseases

Nowadays, heart disease is the number cause of death in human beings, second to that is cancer. The cod liver oil helps in preventing future heart diseases due to its omega-3 fatty acids content. We all know that fish oil, or in this case, the cod liver oil helps in upholding the current healthy state of your heart.


9 Science-Backed Benefits of Cod Liver Oil

Written by Ryan Raman, MS, RD on June 20, 2017