The Scientific Evidence of Cordyceps Anti-Aging Effects

July 7, 2020

Could fungi in baby insects actually be healthy? Cordyceps are several species of fungi that are found in baby bugs. It’s believed they might provide various health benefits including cordyceps anti-aging. Other possible benefits include anti-inflammation, treatment for type-2 diabetes, and improved heart health. More research is needed. However, some studies show that friendly fungi could provide various health benefits including the ability to fight the normal signs of aging. The anti-aging industry has sky-rocketed and is worth over $50 billion (2018) worldwide. Many consumers are looking for natural/holistic methods for looking and feeling younger. This includes the use of “good” bacteria including fungus.

Studies show that cordyceps might provide various anti-aging benefits. They include less fatigue, improved memory, and sex drive boosts. This is an alternative treatment so more research is needed. As always, it’s important to get the facts so you’ll know whether or not it’s an anti-aging treatment you should consider. Researchers continue to look for the so-called Fountain of Youth that can reverse aging. It turns out wrinkle creams aren’t it since they just cover up skin blemishes instead of curing them. Scientists continue to look for the next best effective treatment for slowing down the aging process.


What Exactly Are Cordyceps?

Cordyceps are a big group of about 400 species of fungi. This an important type due to its reproduction method. The fungi first become a parasite on plants or insects. It then makes a fruit that sprouts from the host’s body.

The fungi sometimes even “control” the insects they live on. They do that by causing them to do activities that will benefit the parasite. This is actually a kind of mind control.

One species has been used for hundreds of years in Asian traditional medicine. This type of fungus attacks caterpillars when they dig underground. This causes the insects to crawl up to the ground’s surface. The fungi can then produce fruits that grow above soil. In most cases, the fungi live on the caterpillar’s head.

This kind of fungus is known by different names including vegetable caterpillar and Chinese caterpillar fungus. It’s believed the fungus can promote energy. The fungi are used for treating various health conditions.

The most common use of alternative medicine is to treat people diagnosed with sexual dysfunction. It’s also claimed the fungus can boost a person’s liver, kidneys, heart, and immune system. IT’s also used to treat breathing problems.

Scientific studies show that the fungus has chemical compounds that trigger the immune system’s “T-cells.” This shows there’s some scientific proof that the little critters might help to improve health. There’s also some proof the fungi might also help to improve liver health.

The fungi also have some chemicals that could help with erectile dysfunction. However, it’s important to note that it doesn’t seem to boost sex drive, which is a key factor related to sexual dysfunction.

Cordyceps fungi can be purchased from some health food stores and Asian markets. It’s important to note that medicines used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are regulated differently than prescription medicines. In addition, some fungi that look like cordyceps is actually a different type.


Cordyceps: Anti-Aging Effects



One study showed that cordyceps helped fruit flies to live longer. It’s worth noting this doesn’t mean that it can produce the same results among humans. However, it’s possible so more research is needed. The body has 30+ trillion cells. That’s a lot but the key to long life is extending how long the cells live. This is critical to help fight off the signs of aging and extend people’s lives.

It’s fair to say that the effects of fungi on fruit flies will likely be much different than on humans. However, there’s some evidence they might help people live longer.


Better memory

Some studies show that cordyceps might help to improve people’s memory. Brain function is one of the key signs of anti-aging effects. It’s quite normal for people to lose memory function during middle-age and especially during senior years.

However, the key is to protect the brain’s cells from damage. This can help to improve brain function. This is why the fungi might have anti-aging benefits that can improve a person’s physical and mental function.



Researchers think that the anti-aging benefits of the fungi could be related to powerful antioxidants they contain. These help to fight off “free radical” molecules. They attack healthy cells, which can cause various health issues like inflammation, illness, and disease.

Antioxidants can help to fight aging due to their ability to battle cell damage. This is done by neutralizing free radicals, which result in disease and aging.

Many studies show that cordyceps seems to boost sexual function and improve memory in senior mice. However, it’s worth noting that since they were animal studies. As a result, human studies are needed to verify the results for people.


Sexual health

There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that cordyceps can boost sex drive. However, some studies show that they might help to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).


Heart health

More studies show that cordyceps might provide various benefits for heart health. In fact, China has approved the fungi for treating irregular heartbeats that are too fast/slow. Various studies show that fungi might benefit people who have heart conditions. This includes factors like high blood fat and “bad” cholesterol.


Type 2 Diabetes

This type makes up 95% of all diabetes cases. There’s a certain kind of sugar in cordyceps that could help to treat type-2 diabetes. This results from the body not making enough insulin. Another factor is it’s unable to respond effectively to insulin. This causes blood sugar to stay in the bloodstream.

The fungi might help to help blood sugar levels stay in a healthy range. This is done by functioning like insulin. Several studies that friendly fungi can lower blood sugar levels. This is more proof it might be an effective treatment for type II diabetes.



It’s believed cordyceps might provide anti-inflammation properties. High amounts can result in various conditions like cancer and heart disease. Studies show that exposing cordyceps to human cells helps to block certain proteins. They can boost inflammation.



Cordyceps might help to slow down tumor growth. This possible health benefit has been studied in recent years. It’s believed the fungi could provide several types of anti-tumor benefits. For example, studies show that the fungi seem to block the growth of various cancer cells including different types like skin, colon, lung, and liver cancers.


Exercise performance

Studies show that the fungi boost the molecule ATP, which is important for providing energy to muscles. This might improve how the human body uses oxygen during exercise. One study showed that taking a cordyceps supplement boosted performance versus people who took a fake pill, which shows possible benefits like cordyceps anti-aging.