Drinking Salt Water Effects

Health Benefits of Drinking Salt Water in the Morning

January 18, 2019

Drinking salt water does not necessarily mean drinking water from the sea or ocean. It only means drinking water with salt, or in other words, a mixture that you can make at home.

Too much salt intake is linked to a lot of negative side effects which is, of course, related to health conditions. However, too little salt can result in health problems as well.

Many of the health issues arising are related to dehydration or not having enough fluids in the body. In a study where workers were losing a volume of sweat, researchers found out that the sweat lost must be replaced by an equal amount of water to produce the workers’ best performance. However, in this study, even if the workers drank water after their work, it was not sufficient to replace the lost sweat.

This is where drinking salt water takes place in especially in the morning. Salt water helps in the hydration process plus it helps us produce more saliva for digestion.

Sole Warm Salt Water

Sole (/so-lay/) is the term used for the homemade salt water beverage. You can make this by mixing water with 1 to 2 cups salt water in a mason jar with a plastic lid. Shake it for a minute then leave it overnight. If you find some salt lying at the bottom of the jar when you check in the morning, it only means that enough salt was already absorbed by the water. Add a teaspoon of sole water into a 16 oz warm drinking water.

It is important to use the correct utensils in making the sole because the ionization of the salt water can be affected by it. Do not use metal utensils as well as metal bowls or jar lids.

On the other hand, the kind of salt that you can use for the mixture are sea salt, real salt, Celtic salt, Himalayan salt, or any other salt as long as it is not refined.

Sole water is not a medicine neither it can replace for therapeutic medicine, but it can stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. Natural salt itself is linked to a lot of positive benefits as it provides a recognizable number of minerals nutrients that the body can convert and use. For instance, it helps with keeping the bones strong, balancing the blood sugar, and boosting of the immune system.

So when salt is combined with water, both substances is no longer the same. They build a new electrically charged structure that the body can easily absorb. This is through the process where salt’s positive ions surround the water molecules’ negative ions and vice versa. Once it becomes part of the body, the electrical charge acts as the body’s signals sending it in between cells and maintaining fluid balance through the kidney.

The Salt Water Effects

Drinking warm salt water is not a new method. In fact, it has been used as a treatment for a very long time worldwide.

You may drink warm salt water early in the morning between 6:00 am to 7:00 am by adding a teaspoon of the sole water in a warm one, then you will experience the benefits written below in the long run if not instantly. If the water it too salty for you, add filtered water until it matches your taste.


Fact: drinking too much can weaken the body plus slow metabolism. The author of “Eat for Heat: A Metabolic Approach to Food and Drink” named Matt Stone reported that it usually happens when a person consumes too much of plain water.

Cellular health relies on the concentration of electrolytes and minerals. So when you drink a large volume of plain water, it can result in diluted extracellular fluid in your body. The extracellular fluid is responsible for the body’s release of adrenaline and stress response.

In other words, drinking plain water has no positive effect on your body. You just drink then pee the water out of your body

However, with the help of natural salt, the body has the correct response when you drink water. Thus, it will absorb and use the water.


The initial step in digesting food is by activating the salivary glands in the mouth, which is another quality that warm water possesses. The salivary glands then release amylase.

The salt water also stimulates the secretions in our digestive system as well as the protein-digesting enzyme and hydrochloric acid to have digestion.

Skin Health

Salt water also possesses minerals and substances that keep skin healthy and fresh. The chromium is what battle against acne and the one that decreases infections in the skin. Meanwhile, sulfur is what keeps the scalp dry and clean. Zinc in sole water is the one that controls the activities of oil gland’s; iodine, lastly, promotes the skin metabolic rate.

Bone Health

Neutralizing the blood and keeping the density intact requires the presence of calcium plus the other minerals in the body. Sole water is packed with minerals that can keep the bone healthy.


Warm water also acts as your detoxification beverage as it is naturally antibacterial. It will take harmful bacteria out of your body.

The poor digestion is what causes waste material to form in most of the people’s intestinal tract. These waste material can grow bacteria and other pathogens as they gradually ferment. Toxins will soon produce by these pathogens.

However, salt water can get rid of toxins through rapid bowel movements, cleansing your stomach in the process.

Better Sleep

Stress is related to lack of sleep. Many have advised meditating and many researchers have been proven this effective. However, unrefined salt has been also found to relieve stress. According to a study, the stress response can actually reduce by adding some sodium in your bloodstream. Salt relaxes your mind by producing oxytocin, preventing you from creating unwanted scenarios which keep your eyes open all night.

To have the best bed experience, drink sole water an hour before lying on your the bed.