Essential Oils For Headaches

The Top 5 Essential Oils for Headaches

June 25, 2019

One of the popular alternative medicines is aromatherapy. It does not only diminish certain physical aches but also emotionally soothes the mind and body of the user. Aromatherapy makes use of oils that have different unique smells and strengths. These oils are called essential oils.


Essential Oils 101

Essential oils are pure liquid extracted from flowers, herbs, and spices. It first came into consciousness in the 1990s. However, it has been used for thousands of years in South and East Asia and, Egypt.

There are two popular methods in extracting the oil: cold pressed and water or steam distillation. The oil is extracted but the smell of the flower and herb remain, hence the reason why they named it essential oil as it captures the essence of the plant and herbs. Its strength lies on its smell which relaxes and provides therapeutic healing.

The good thing about essential oils is its lack of negative side effects in harming the body’s internal organs. While too much can irritate the skin, you can be sure that no chemicals will accumulate in the liver.

Uses of Essential Oils

Essential oils have many uses: for massage, stress reliever and, repel mosquitos. It can make the room smell good too. However, its most powerful use is to reduce or remove headaches – one of the most prevalent ailments that hit millions of Americans.

Headaches can be due to a lot of different factors: insufficient proteins in the body that protect it from inflammation, lack of sleep, stress, too much sugar, excessive drinking, hormonal imbalance, and fatigue. Even having poor posture and catching a whiff of certain chemicals can trigger headaches or worse, migraines. Fortunately, some specific essential oils can lift the burden of those who often suffer from pounding temples and nauseous episodes.

Based on estimates, there are around 90 essential oils available that can provide physiological healing, but of course, not all can remove headaches. While many do have healing properties for head pains, some do have special smells that help alleviate or diminish the ache. What is interesting about these essential oils is its unique qualities that are suitable for a specific type of head pain. Thus, collecting or experimenting essentials oils would be one way to know its effectivity.


Essential Oils for Headaches


Lavender, one of the most versatile essential oils available in the market is perfect for reducing headaches. Known for its soothing effect, the lavender essential oil is most notable for helping those who have trouble sleeping, have anxiety attacks and suffer from perennial stress. A lot of head pains are due to insufficient sleep thus, using lavender oil to remove head pain helps.


Another popular aromatherapy is Peppermint essential oil, said to be the vastly used during olden times in Eastern culture. People who often experience migraines can benefit from using this oil as it has natural substances that help relieve pressure on the head. Sinus, which most of the time is the precursor of migraines, is one head ailment that peppermint essential oil can help remove. You can either inhale it or dab on your temples or throbbing area to ease the pain.


Rosemary meanwhile does not only make food flavourful and aromatic but also a good treatment for headaches. Like peppermint essential oil, Rosemary essential oil has been used for centuries to soothe the body and reduce pains on the head. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, as well as analgesic natural substances, rosemary essential oil is good for headaches caused by stress, noise and lack of sleep.


Chamomile, which also is popular in tea form as it helps relax the mind and soothe one to sleep, also has natural compounds to stop headaches. Headaches are also triggered by anxiety, feeling blue thus, using Chamomile essential oil can both calm the mind and body and, remove headaches.


One more top essential oil that is effective for people who often suffer from excruciating head pains is Eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus is not only effective in repelling mosquitos and bugs, but the extracted form helps in easing headaches, especially those caused by sinusitis and clogged nose. We all know how insufferable it is to have stuffy nose and sinusitis then massively hit with head pain. Applying Chamomile essential oil helps in relaxing and soothing the head, thus diminishing the pain.


Tips on How to Use Them Properly

Again, essential oils like most natural remedies are less risky as they don’t have any strong toxins that can harm vital organs. However, it doesn’t mean that essentials oils extracted from Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Chamomile, and others should be used wantonly. Always remember, while it has no synthetic chemicals, these oils are extracted from plants thus it can cause reactions and skin irritations like rashes and burns on the skin. Allergies can also occur. Thus, try to test it first on a small portion of your skin and see if your skin reacts. Asking for doctor’s advise on specific allergens also helps.

Be also mindful that essential oils are not directly applied to the skin. Doing so can, again, irritate the skin. Before applying it on your temples or where the throbbing pain is, mix it with a carrier oil to diffuse. Example of carrier oils is coconut and almond oils.

Using a diffuser or steamer is also good if applying it directly on the skin is a big no-no. Just put a few drops of the essential and mix it with a carrier oil.

When it comes to picking the right essential sure, make sure that the essential oil is not mixed with synthetic chemicals and extracted properly.

Top 5 Essential Oils For Headache