High in zinc foods

10 Foods that are High in Zinc

January 12, 2019

Eating high in Zinc foods can do a lot of wonders for your body. Aside from being an element in the periodic table, Zinc is a mineral that focuses on repairing and strengthening the immune system. While repairing your immune system, it also focuses on cellular health. It helps in cell division, cell growth, and also aids in the making of proteins for the DNA meant for the cells. Zinc also aids in the breakdown of carbohydrates which can help in stopping diabetes from happening indirectly.

So, time to get some zinc in your body with these kinds of food!


Beef at 100 grams can provide 4.8 grams of Zinc which is 43% of the daily recommended dose. However, the problem with Beef is that it is red meat. And being red meat, some people have linked it to higher risks of cancer. Cancer from red meat can also be caused by red meat by being processed such as hot dogs, sausages, pre-packed burgers. Red meat can also pump up cholesterol if the person is often eating it as fatty beef and not regular beef.

If you still want to enjoy your burgers, you’re better off making it yourself. Buy some fresh ground beef from the store. Make sure it’s lean so that there’s no fat to deal with. Take out the bread crumbs and instead replace that with some flaxseed, chia seeds, parmesan cheese, minced carrots, minced onions, grated garlic, and egg. Then, flame grill it for a healthy burger.

Before eating beef, however, make sure you don’t have any gout. Or, any problems with uric acid. Because Beef has a high amount of uric acid, it can cause problems to those who have uric acid problems.


Lamb is another kind of red meat. But it’s like beef and with less fat too. Lamb is also red meat but it has lower amounts of uric acid which allow people who have uric acid problems to eat it. When stewed properly, Lamb can also be quite soft and it’s a common food found in Greek cuisine especially either as a stew, a kofka (meatball), or a kebab (meat fashioned onto a stick).

When cooking Lamb, make sure to marinade it properly so that it doesn’t come out dry. If you want to preserve a lot of the meat juices, you can also cook Lamb medium rare.


Shellfish such as clams, shrimp, crab, lobster or basically any seafood with shell is rich in zinc. Not only is it rich in Zinc but it also has a high amount of calcium and low amount of calories. For those who want to swap out meat to become a pescetarian, shellfish will become one of your main sources of protein, calcium, and possibly taurine.

However, the problem with shellfish could possibly be the seasons as to when they are bought. For example, some seasons can make shellfish become incredibly expensive. Other times, shellfish can become infected with red tide which causes neurological chemical damage to humans that ingest it. Before consuming shellfish, clean it at least three times in a vinegar-water-salt bath to make sure there are no bacteria.

Others prefer boiling them straight alive. Some chefs prefer preparing crab or shrimp when they’re still wriggling and alive. However, this is best applied only to shellfish that have been cultivated on a farm.


Eggs are a common breakfast food that people eat. People eat them sunny side up, scrambled, poached, and some even fried into tempura (but that’s a more creative way to eat it). Consuming 1 egg gives a human at least 5% of the daily zinc required. Least because zinc is still a mineral and when subjecting it to heat, some of the minerals may be lost. In fact, some athletes even consume the eggs raw in which it’s just the plain yolk. According to some athletes, this is one of the best ways to get the protein and minerals. The lack of subject to heat keeps all the zinc intact.

However, there are some companies that are capable of making eggs rich in other minerals such as Selenium.


Legumes such as lentils, garbanzos (chickpeas), beans, and nuts are considered to have high amounts of zinc inside. Lentils are also a common substitute for vegans use for meat. It’s because of the high protein and carbohydrate content but it’s also low on fat. However, the problem of eating too many beans can also cause uric acid problems especially when subjected to salt.

But the problem also with legumes is that they have a certain kind of compound known as a phytate which can prevent the absorption of legumes into the body. In order to remove the phytates and also make legumes more edible (as most of them are hard), soak them in hot water. This will soften the legumes and make them more enjoyable to eat.


Seeds are a common snack food or even garnishing put on food in Asian cuisine. Some seeds such as squash seeds are filled with Zinc. But there are some seed varieties which are better than others. For example, hemp seeds are filled with more Zinc and can make up 31% to 43% of the required daily Zinc intake for males and females.

If you’re not fond of eating the seeds, some people physically crush the seeds instead. For example, getting a mortar and pestle with physically make the seeds easier to eat but not alter their chemical composition. Because the seeds are just physically destroyed or reduced into dust, a large amount of Zinc can still be present in the seeds.

Dark Chocolate

For those who love sweets, dark chocolate will definitely make you happy. Not only does it have cacao which adds a bittersweet astringency to your recipes, but it also has loads of zinc. Dark chocolate is also one of the few things you need to process as people already sell them in the form of bars. However, dark chocolate may not be accessible for those who have diabetics. Diabetics are unable to process sugar so diabetics may need to find dark chocolate that has 0% sugar or have some artificial sweeteners to prevent their blood sugar from spiking.


Ever wonder why kid’s milk formulas are always featured to improve immune systems? This is one of the reasons why. Milk has zinc in it as well which improves the immune system. And considering how rough kids can get, milk is the perfect way to get the zinc into their body without forcing kids to chew. It’s also one of the main things babies drink to not only reinforcing their bones but also their own immune systems.

However, this may be problematic for those who are lactose-intolerant. Because milk has lactose (milk sugar), those who are lactose-intolerant lack lactase which breaks down the lactose. This may cause people gaseous problems or just downright throw up. Most people who are lactose-intolerant are Asians and usually get this when they grow older. One of the best ways to counter lactose-intolerance is to introduce the milk slowly. This way, your body can build a resistance against the milk.

But if it really doesn’t work, then you can refer to the other foods mentioned in the list above.


Avocados are the millennial fruit. Everyone eats avocado with something, be it toast or turn it into guacamole. But Avocados are also rich in zinc. Eating a whole avocado gives you almost 1 mg of zinc which is more than enough for your body to have in a day. The best part about avocados is that they are a versatile ingredient. People oftentimes blender avocado to create a buttery texture that would elevate the flavor of their toast without the extra salt or fat that usually comes from butter.


Apricots provide around 0.3 grams of zinc depending on how much zinc one eats. Apricot is often a fruit that is found in facial scrubs but ingesting them will help also. Apricots are also found on desserts and can even be blended to make a delicious gelato, yogurt, and if you have the equipment: a sorbet. However, eating fruits maybe problematic again for those who have sugar problems due to the presence of fructose. And for those who are diabetic, you may want to consult your doctor first before taking these kinds of fruits.

BONUS: Blackberries

Blackberries if not thrown into jam or made into a cake are an excellent source of zinc. They’re also filled with antioxidants which help in keeping the skin smooth and clean, healing your liver, and also cleaning out your body for extra performance. Because it also is low on sugar, diabetics can eat pure blackberries for their daily dose of zinc.

If you’re trying to find a way to enjoy blackberries, most people put them in shakes or yogurt. You can also mix it in a granola bar for that extra tart flavor you’re looking for when making a granola bar.

High in zinc foods


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