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Avoid These 11 Foods That Causes Aging

January 12, 2021

The truth is that many of us have very little knowledge as to what causes aging. We all know that we all start to age at some point but very little have an idea of why it happens. There are actually varying factors when it comes to aging. And these factors have varying effects on different people. But two main factors affect aging. The first one happens to be sunlight. Regularly, we are all exposed to sunlight. The UV rays that come from the sun affect the skin and this over some time causes aging. The other one happens to be the foods that we eat. Some foods cause aging. We will be looking at some of these foods later on.

Food is one thing that can’t be avoided. There is a hunger center in the brain that is alerted when there is reduced glucose and other nutrients in the body. And that’s why you would keep eating when you get hungry. The thing though is that many of these foods that we eat are not healthy for the body. They have some effects that accumulate over a period that causes greater effects in the body. Does this mean we have to let go of most of these foods if not all? Well, that’s something that you will find out in a bit. So keep reading.


11 Foods That Cause Aging

How exactly do foods affect the body? This happens with the formation of advanced glycation end products. These form when fat or protein is mixed with sugar. So foods that contain this should be reduced in terms of consumption. This though does not mean that you should completely avoid all the foods that would be listed below. Let’s take a look at some of these foods.


French fries

You would agree that this is one of the most common foods out there. The thing with French fries is that they are usually salty and oily. They are fried at very high temperatures that cause the free radicals to be released. And this can cause damage to the cells in the body. Another thing that can happen is dehydration as a result of too much salt. That’s because when there’s too much salt in circulation water is also drawn from the skin. And this would cause wrinkling of the skin. Instead of French fries, you can opt for a sweet potato that’s baked or fried.


White sugar

Sugar has always been something that contends with the skin a lot. It causes skin conditions such as acne in some people. And as you already know sugar is one that contributes to the formation of AGEs. This causes the aging process in a person to become slower. Instead of white sugar you can opt for honey or just take fruit instead.


White bread

These are refined carbs and refined carbs have always been known to affect when it comes to aging. This food has a high glycemic index that causes inflammation in a person’s body. And inflammation is one thing that can be linked to the aging process in people. So instead of opting for white bread, you can opt for bread made with sprouted grain.



Some old studies show that margarine can affect the formation of wrinkles in the body. At the same time, it has been found out that margarine is rich in hydrogenated oils. And this is one thing that increases the vulnerability of a person’s skin to the UV rays coming from the sun. As an alternative, you can opt for avocados or olive oil.


Processed meats

These are very common these days and they are known to be harmful to the skin. Avoid processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs, and others. Their sodium content is usually quite high and this can cause dehydration of the skin. Thus leading to wrinkles. Better options that you can opt for are lean meats such as chicken and turkey.


Dairy products

Take note that this doesn’t apply to everyone. For some people, dairy is known to constantly cause an inflammatory process. In the end, it leads to premature aging of some cells and organs in the body. One way you can avoid this is by avoiding dairy products if you are intolerant to them. You can opt for other plant sources like almond milk and soy milk.



One thing that coffee does is that it keeps you awake for a long time. Studies show that a reduced amount of sleep can speed up the aging process. And this would lead to early wrinkling of the skin.



There are a whole lot of things that alcohol does to the body. One common thing is that it causes dehydration. And as you already know, dehydration leads to the formation of wrinkles on the skin. If you can’t do without drinking, then make sure you drink in moderation. But the best option for you is to avoid drinking alcohol.


High heat cooking

This mainly applies to polyunsaturated fat. When they are cooked at a very high temp this leads to the formation of free radicals. And this when consumed this can increase the level of inflammation in the body. At the end of the day, this can cause wrinkle formation in a person. The best option when it comes to oil is going for rich oils like olive oil. And then making sure you cook at low heat.


Rice cakes

Many people love rice cakes as a good snack but the truth is that it isn’t great for the skin. It is quite high in glycemic index. And a food high in glycemic index tends to accelerate the aging process that happens in a person.



This isn’t the best form of sugar for the skin. And that’s because it breaks down collagen. The breaking down of collagen would lead to a problem with the skin. This would cause the formation of wrinkles in the skin. So as much as you can try to avoid foods that contain high levels of fructose.


Take note that these are some of the foods that cause aging. Should these foods that cause aging be completely avoided? Well, maybe not. Just make sure you’re consuming very little of these foods. That way you can be sure that the chances of having premature aging are reduced.