Glycine Anti Aging

Glycine For Anti Aging: Is This The Secret To Staying Young?

July 6, 2020

If you are looking for a fountain of youthfulness, you may not find one. This is because nothing like that exists. But with more research emerging, it seems like scientists have finally discovered the secret ingredient that slows down aging. This secret ingredient may be Glycine. Glycine anti-aging amino acid provides a building block to make specific anti-aging proteins. It has so many proven benefits. Glycine can help you treat metabolic disorders, as well as sleep problems that may aggravate the aging process. It can also reduce fatigue, which is one of the major plagues of aging. More so, it protects the liver from damage due to alcohol, and many other toxins.

There are numerous compelling results from research suggesting that glycine treatment may effectively reverse aging signs. Do you know how this works? That would require some scientific explanations. But then, you can understand the basics. Your body needs diverse kinds of protein to grow its tissues and maintain them in good condition. Now, these proteins require amino acids to make them up. Glycine is one very important amino acid in these anti-aging proteins. They include enzymes and hormones, among many others. Asides from combining with other aminos to produce proteins, glycine also has some stand-alone benefits. Anyways, glycine is one of those aminos that your body naturally makes. But you can get even more from protein-rich foods, as well as supplements. Let’s examine the many anti-aging benefits that you can get from glycine.


Glycine Anti-Aging Functions

Glycine is very vital for producing 3 main anti-aging compounds

1. Glutathione

Glutathione is perhaps the most powerful antioxidant in your body. It comprises 3 aminos, one of which is Glycine. This antioxidant combats oxidative damage in your body, thus preventing free radicals from damaging your health or promoting aging.

If you don’t have enough glycine in your body, it would produce less glutathione. This can negatively affect your body’s ability to handle oxidative stress. In turn, this reduces the anti-aging power in your body.

But then again, glutathione levels would naturally decline in your body as you age. One way to boost its production is to ensure that you are getting enough glycine in your meals.


2. Creatine

There are also 3 aminos that makeup creatine, and glycine is one of them. Creatine is an amazing protein that gives your muscles energy for quick performance. It also enhances short activity bursts like sprinting and weightlifting.

Your body can create creatine naturally. But you must get enough glycine from your meals, as well as other necessary aminos. Inadequate amounts of glycine can reduce your creatinine production.

You can take glycine supplements if you are not getting enough from your meals. But you can also take creatine supplements directly. However, you must combine the use of these supplements with some form of resistance training. This would increase the mass of your muscles, as well as your power and strength.

Creatine also has beneficial effects on brain function and bone health. It also helps with neurological conditions that majorly affect aging people, such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


3. Collagen

This structural protein contains so much glycine. Glycine is indeed the most abundant amino in collagen. It makes up about one-third of the compound. More so, there is no protein in your body as much as collagen.

What does collagen do in your body? It supplies strength to your muscles, cartilage, skin, blood, ligaments, and bones. Having enough glycine to make collagen will benefit your skin health, as well as provide relief from joint pain. It also prevents bone loss. These are major breakthroughs for anyone who is experiencing aging.

You should, therefore, consume enough glycine to boost your collagen production. This is a major anti-aging step.


4. Prevents muscle loss

Glycine can help reduce age-related muscle wasting. However, muscle wasting can also occur with malnutrition, stress, and sickness. Glycine also helps in these conditions. If you do nothing about age-related muscle wasting, your muscle strength will also reduce. This will lead to a decline in your functional status.

Another amino was previously in the spotlight for preventing muscle wasting. That amino is leucine. It inhibits the breakdown of muscles very strongly, as well as enhances the buildup of muscles. However, muscle wasting leads to conditions that may impair leucine effectiveness to stimulate muscle growth.

But then, research shows that glycine is not in any way affected by these changes. It can still stimulate muscle tissue growth when leucine fails. As such, glycine holds great promise when it comes to preventing or reversing muscle loss in old age.


5. Improves sleep quality

Many aging people have sleeping issues. It’s either they cannot easily fall asleep or they find it hard to stay asleep. More so, lack of quality sleep can worsen the effects of aging or make it progress faster.

There are many ways to have a better sleep quality. For instance, you should stop consuming caffeinated beverages, especially at late hours. Another way is to avoid bright light or screens shortly before bedtime. But you can also find help from glycine.

The effect of glycine on the human brain is calming. As such, it can assist you with falling asleep more easily and being able to stay asleep. Experts tell us that just 3g glycine shortly before bed will decrease how long you will take before falling asleep. It generally enhances the quality of sleep quality.


6. Protects heart health

Heart health during old age is quite tricky. Older people are more prone to heart disease. Your blood pressure would likely rise as you grow older and this puts your heart at risk. Thankfully, glycine can improve your blood pressure and protect your health, even in old age.


How to Obtain Glycine

You can find varying amounts of glycine in meat, especially tough cuts, such as the chuck, brisket, and round. Glycine can also be obtained from gelatin. Many people add gelatin to various foods to improve consistency.

Other practical ways of increasing glycine intake include:

  1. Adding it to drinks and foods
  1. In the form of dietary supplements in powder or capsule

Glycine anti-aging benefits are amazing. You should make the best of it.


Glycine for anti aging