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Is Goji Berry Anti Aging? 7 Proven Benefits Of Goji Berry

April 25, 2020

The Latin name for goji berry is the Lycium barbarum. It is a native fruit to Asia and has been used by its people for over two thousand years for its medicinal properties. These berries can be purchased online and in health food stores. Supporters of goji berry anti-aging benefits have introduced it to the world with their claims. Modern science is still investigating the health claims of goji berry and has been backed by many researchers. Goji berries have been listed among superfoods because of the phytochemicals present in it. These are chemical compounds produced by plants. Examples of phytochemicals that can be found in goji berries include zeaxanthin, beta carotene, and polysaccharides.

Their primary characteristics are the polysaccharides which are essential dietary fiber sources. In a study where aging mice were used, it was discovered that goji berries aid in enhancing immunity and increasing the activity of the body’s total antioxidant. The red color of goji berries is gotten from this beta carotene. This substance is necessary for bone health, cell development and eye health. These berries have the highest beta-carotene amount from all other edible plants. Zeaxanthin, on the other hand, plays a vital role in supporting immunity. A lot of researchers believe zeaxanthin may help in preventing macular degeneration. This is a condition that involves progressive impairment of one’s vision that happens when the central region of macula or retina deteriorates.

Goji Berry Anti Aging Benefits And Others

Scientists have discovered seven potential benefits that can be gotten from goji berries. These benefits are all anti-aging in essence because you will discover that as one gets old the function of the body declines but goji berries fight against this decline.

1. Protects your eyes

It is believed that goji berries protect one’s eyes against eye diseases that are age-related. They help with vision because of the high amount of powerful antioxidants particularly zeaxanthin. The antioxidants help to prevent damage from UV light, oxidative stress, and free radicals.

One study suggested that older persons who consumed juice made from goji berries for ninety days experienced a significant increase of zeaxanthin including other levels of antioxidant. Another study reported that goji berries guard the eye’s retina against cells that cause glaucoma, an eye condition that may ultimately cause loss of vision.

2. Boosts the immune system

Healthy antioxidants are found in goji berries. Antioxidants are popular for their ability to boost immune system function and fight off inflammation and free radicals. Goji berries also contain a huge quantity of vitamin C and A, just like other berries like strawberries and blueberries. Vitamin C and A are crucial for preventing illnesses and building immunity.

3. Cancer protecting properties

High antioxidant levels including carotenoids, zeaxanthin and vitamin C fight cancer cells. These antioxidants slow down the growth of tumors, help in removing harmful body substances and reduce inflammation. Research conducted on mice has shown that goji berries inhibit the growth of tumors and improve cancer treatment effectiveness.

4. Promotes skin health

Beta- carotene in goji berries are essential phytochemicals known for their ability to promote skin health. Skin cream uses beta-carotene as an ingredient to reduce irritation of the skin, enhance skin health, manage sun effects and manage the aging impact. A study discovered that mice that drank five percent of goji juice had enough antioxidants that protected them from skin disorders and UV light damage.

5. Stabilizes the level of blood sugar

Goji berry is suspected to help in controlling blood sugar release. A 2015 research shows goji berry to balance glucose and insulin blood levels. This same study connected goji berries with an increased level of HDL in type two diabetes patients. HDL is a good type of cholesterol.

6. Improves anxiety, sleep, and depression

A 2016 research was conducted on rats and it showed that goji berries may improve anxiety-like and depression behaviors. In the US another study was conducted with humans as the subject found out that goji berry juice may improve mood, digestive health, and energy. This study had adult participants take 120 millimeters of goji berry juice every day for fourteen days. At the end of this period, the participants reported improved focus, energy, mental acuity, athletic performance, and calm feelings.

7. Prevents damage to the liver

In ancient Chinese medicine, goji berries have been used as a treatment for liver diseases. Research indicates that these berries help manage liver health, it also prevents alcohol-induced fatty liver disease progression. This research was done on animal models.

Adding Goji Berry To Your Diet

You can purchase goji berries at health food stores, European or Asian markets. They can be added to smoothies, trail mixes, oatmeal, yogurt, salads, baked goods, desserts, and sweet sauces. You can also carry them out and snack on a handful.

These superfood berries are available dried or fresh or trail mixes, as juice or superfood mixes. They are available in their supplement form online and in health food stores. Have in mind that goji berries can be expensive but their health benefits make it worth it. The prices may vary depending on whether it is a natural, processed or organic product.

Who Should Not Take Goji Berries

It is possible for goji berries to disrupt some medications such as diabetes drugs, medications for blood pressure and blood thinners. If you are on any of these medications make sure to consult your doctor before including goji berry to your diet.

People who are also allergic to any other berry have to see their doctor before using dried or fresh goji berries or supplements that contain its extract.

Usually dry and fresh goji berries cause no adverse reactions or side effects in healthy individuals. Supplements of goji berries have is considered safe to be taken for three straight months with side effects rarely seen like sunlight sensitivity and allergic reactions.

Goji berry anti-aging benefit may be tempting but it is wise to take these berries in moderation. Check with your doctor before using its supplements.