Toothache home remedies

12 Home Remedies for Toothache

January 12, 2019

Feeling pain around your tooth? Then you must have a toothache. This condition is caused by a lot of factors such as tooth decay, tooth fracture, and a damaged filling, to name a few. Aside from the pain that you will feel on your tooth, there can be instances where you will have a fever, headache, or experience a foul taste in the infected area.

Most of the time, the dentist would recommend that you visit him or her when the pain lasts for more than 2 days. It is also possible that you visit your dentist when you cannot bear the pain anymore. Or if you like, you can try these natural home remedies that can relieve the pain of a toothache:

OTC Pain Relievers

Once you go to your dentist, he or she might recommend that you take ibuprofen. You can also take aspirin if you want to. Just be sure that you immediately swallow it. Once the medicine gets into your teeth, the medicine might not work. Children can also take pain relievers like acetaminophen.


One of the easiest ways you can do at home is through saltwater rinse. To do this, you can add a ½ teaspoon table salt to 8 ounces of water. Take note that what you should do is rinse or gargle. Do not swallow the mixture. Another way to do this is floss the infected tooth so you can remove if there are any leftover food in your tooth.


Another easy way to relieve the pain is through ice. You can also put the ice between your thumb and forefinger and rub it for 7 minutes. You can also continue doing this until your fingers are numb. This can distract you from feeling the pain in your tooth.

Cold compress

There is a possibility that your face is swollen during this time. What you can do with this is apply an ice pack on your cheek where the infected tooth is. This can help ease the pain and improve the swelling in the teeth.

Clove oil

This kind of oil is considered a natural remedy that is used for relieving pain. Use a bit of oil in the sore area. You can also soak the cotton on the oil and dab it in your gums and tooth. This can help in making your tooth be numb.

Toothache plant

It is a natural oil that is used in various products. Although it has a name after a toothache, further studies are needed to prove that the oil can cure tooth pain.


Garlic cloves contain allicin, which is known for fighting off diseases. There is no actual proof that it can treat the condition entirely, but it might help in relieving the pain. It is also harmless for your breath.

Ginger-Cayenne paste

This paste can help block the pain messages sent to your brain. To do this, all you need are two-heat packing spices and water. Mix both of these ingredients. Then, place the cotton on the said paste, and place the cotton in your tooth. Make sure that it will not touch your gums and tongue.

You can keep the cotton in your tooth as long as you want or until the pain is no longer there. You can also use ginger and cayenne separately if you wish to. Both are still effective painkillers.


Research shows that peppermint tea can have a numbing effect. This is why it can be a great remedy for toothaches. Just put 1 teaspoon of peppermint leaves in boiling water. Make sure that the peppermint leaves are dry and that these stay in the water for about 20 minutes. Once the tea cools down, you can gargle it in your mouth.

If there is no peppermint tea, you can use astringent tannins as an alternative as well. It can help reduce the swelling.


Another ingredient that you can use as a rinse is myrrh. It has been said that myrrh can lessen the inflammation of the infected tooth. Myrrh can also fight off bacteria in your teeth. But you will not just put myrrh in your mouth. Take 1 teaspoon of myrrh and simmer it down using 2 cups of water for 30 minutes. Then, strain it and wait for it to cool down. You can do this for about five to six times a day for better results.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

With the pain that you are feeling about your teeth, it may be difficult for you to brush your teeth. In this case, it would be better that you use the toothpaste for sensitive teeth. This can help in easing the pain you are feeling. It is also recommended that you use a toothbrush that has soft brushes.


There are a lot of ways for you to distract yourself. One good way to do this is by chewing gum. You can also cover the infected tooth using the gum. You can keep doing this until you go to your dentist.

In some studies, it has proven that acupuncture can help remove the pain from a toothache. But sometimes, a simple putting pressure on a point at the back of your hand can do the trick. Make sure that you specifically put pressure in your thumb and index finger. You can keep placing the pressure in that area for two minutes. By doing this, you release endorphins which are good for your brain.

Toothaches can give you so much pain and irritation. Most of the time, you might think that it will go away easily but it does not. Of course, the best way you can treat this condition is by going to your dentist. But while you are still waiting for your appointment, you can do the above-mentioned remedies.

It is important to note that these can be just temporary remedies. If you want to cure the tooth pain, you must use the recommended antibiotics of your dentist.

Toothache home remedies