ice pick headaches

How to Treat Ice Pick Headaches

April 17, 2019

Headaches, in general, are just the worse. The pain can happen anywhere, and the cause of the pain can happen at any point. The symptoms for headaches vary from person to person and from the type of headache the person is experiencing. Generally, though headache is characterized by a throbbing pain the head, sometimes a sharp pain in a specific point of the head and sometimes a dull ache that can last for up to a day.


The Ice Pick Headache

There are several known types of a headache but what we are focusing today is the ice pick headache.

The ice pick headache usually happens in the front and the sides of the head. The sensation can be described as that of stabbing pain in a different direction but just always on the sphere of the front and sides of the head. There are many names for the ice pick headache they can be called sometimes as, primary stabbing headaches, idiopathic stabbing headache, jabs and jolts, and jabs and jolts.

The ice pick headache is characterized by its term itself, ice pick like pain. This can be quite painful, but fortunately, it only lasts for seconds and the maximum time that you would most likely feel it is up to a minute. Lasting ice pick headache more than a minute might be a sign of something more serious.


Causes of Ice Pick Headaches

The ice pick headache should generally not be worried about. Most often than not, they happen without any reason at all. If the headache happened with a reason, it might be because of the pain-sensitive areas of your head. Another rare reason why it would happen is due to an underlying disease that is frankly serious like stroke or multiple sclerosis. The pain sometimes moves to the other side of the head.

Do not panic yet, if you are experiencing the ice pick headache. Chances are they just happen without any reason at all or without any underlying serious medical condition.

Your head is an interconnected web of brain, nerves, bones, blood, and neurons. It is sometimes challenging to pinpoint a singular reason as to why an ice pick headache happens. Because, frankly, up until now, experts have not yet unlocked all the secrets of the brain.

Factors that May Lead to Ice Pick Headaches

However, there are several factors that might possibly contribute to the occurrence of the ice pick headache. These are the following factors.

  1. Emotional strain
  2. Broken circadian rhythm
  3. Overeating and undereating in poorly planned meal schedules
  4. Diet

Ice pick headache is a popular occurrence for middle-aged person or women who are nearing menopause. It is quite popular too to people who are genetically inclined to be susceptible to migraines and those that are too sensitive in light and unpleasantly loud sounds. This does not mean though that it might not happen to anyone. In some rare cases, a person might also portray the other symptoms of ice pick headache which is characterized by sudden dizziness, or vomiting.



To understand ice pick headache further, let us compare it with migraines.

Migraines and ice pick headache are different from one another; the former is a neurological disorder and occurs mainly only at the side of the head. Migraines are recurring and can find you anytime and in any place. When you have a migraine, you generally feel a throbbing and pulsating pain at the side of your head. At other times, the attack is not that painful but on other times, it’s just the worse. Migraine can be stimulated by a lot of factors, but the most popular factors can be listed below:

  1. Glaring light
  2. Sharp and loud sounds
  3. Emotional disparity
  4. Lack of sleep
  5. Lack of food
  6. Sudden changes in the hormones

Migraines are terribly much worse than that of ice pick headaches because they last much longer and at times, the attack can be unbearably painful. At times, there will be warning signs that say your migraine is about to attack you. Migraines popularly happen to women than in men. The triggering factor about this fact might be because the hormones of females are more prone to changes, especially in levels. Migraines also happen in children.

There are other types of headaches that are quite similar to the ice pick headache. Do not assume that what you are having right now is just an ice pick headache. If you can, please have it checked with your doctor, it might be an underlying medical condition or one of the following types of headaches.


Treatment and Prevention of Ice Pick Headaches

Before you need to be treated with the ice pick headache, you should be first and foremost, be diagnosed with it. This is so the doctor could rule out underlying medical conditions like stroke or aneurysm. The ice pick headache should also be recognized by your doctor as it is and not be mistaken as to its associated headache types because they can be very similar.

Treating an ice pick headache can be frustrating because even before you get your hands on your pills, the pain immediately goes away. Remember that most of the ice pick headache attack last only for a couple of seconds and a minute of it is the maximum duration of its attack. Most people endure the pain and let it just last since the pain is too quick you won’t even notice it at times. Ignoring it is ideal for people who rarely is attacked by ice pick headaches but for someone that is often times attacked by it, it’s a different story.

If you are somebody that is frequently attacked by an ice pick headache, this could be bothersome as this affects the quality of life you are living. You might want to consider undergoing a treatment that comes in the form of immersion of certain drugs. However, you should be diagnosed by your doctor of ice pick headache.