Is Frankincense Anti Aging?

July 12, 2020

Frankincense anti-aging solution: is it effective? Find out in this article. This substance is the dried tree sap obtained from the Boswellia genus, specifically Boswellia sacra. The trees grow within Oman, Yemen in addition to Somalia, Ethiopia, and in the northeastern part of Africa. Once dried, this sap gets burned into incense which is considered to carry a number or medicinal properties.

Frankincense is also called the King among other essential oils. It carries more than just a handful of benefits as well as uses. A potent essential oil, it is praised for its capability to enhance and rejuvenate the skin anytime applied topically. More so, it promotes cell immunity and health, while producing healthy inflammatory responses once orally taken internally. In fact, frankincense has been around for quite a long period, being highly esteemed since ancient civilizations. It has been utilized for the absolute most sacred practices as well. For a few religions, Frankincense correlates with perhaps some of the most prized goods during Biblical times. It was deemed well-prized in that it was even an item presented during the birth of Jesus Christ. Frankincense has also been used throughout religious ceremonies as salves to soothe the skin as well as perfume. Its aroma emits and promotes sensations of satisfaction, serenity, relaxation, and wellness. In the same way, it holds its cherished past, today Frankincense essential oil still is highly prized. It falls under the top 5 prevalent essential oils.


How Frankincense Anti Aging Works

For many thousands of years, men and women have made use of frankincense oil for lifting, toning, and tightening the skin. More so, it is a wrinkle prevention substance that also reduces pore size, dark spots, acne, and slows signs and symptoms of aging. Some people have made use of it for strengthening and introducing shine for their hair. This has the ability to heal your wounds, rashes, cuts, burns, to scrapes, while soothing dry as well as chapped skin. Frankincense is also used to lessen new and older scars, including stretch marks!

Not only this, but frankincense is also an all-natural astringent that will help regenerate healthy cells while ensuring tissue stays strong and healthy. This oil packs the capacity to protect as well as repair skin cells which makes frankincense the most effective anti-age essential oil for just about anyone. Plus, it is really easy to make use of.


What’s in Frankincense Oil

The key chemical constituents associated with this essential oil generally are: pinene, limonene, borneol, phellandrene, myrcene, along with other constituents. Limonene presents all three anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and even anti-fungal properties. In fact, it’s considered to reduce anxiety and also to stimulate your immune system.

Next, pinene can bolster the respiratory system and it is revealed to possess diuretic properties according to empirical evidence. Borneol attributes tonic, sedative, anesthetic, as well as anti-spasmodic components to the oil. Finally, farnesol is that ingredient that allows the oil to decrease its user’s signs and symptoms of aging simply by smoothing wrinkle appearance as it increases your skin’s elasticity.

Applied cosmetically and topically, frankincense’s astringent plus cytophylactic properties help with reducing the look of wrinkles to other skin imperfections like discoloration. Moreover, it can stimulate new cell growth, hence, when applied to cuts, it is able to promote quicker healing. Furthermore, the oil is anti-inflammatory and is well known for soothing inflamed skin through reduction of redness, itching, and swelling. It can help with disinfecting too and even made use to ease flatulence.


Primary advantages of frankincense use:

Protects, repair skin cells Repairs chapped, dry skin
Helps prevent wrinkles Soothes eczema
Lessens acne Relieves itches and rashes
Lightens dark spot Lessens scars
Balances oily skin Minimizes stretch marks
Heals burns Tightens and lifts the skin
Eliminates germs Diminishes large pores
Helps with wound recovery Slows signs of aging

How to Use Frankincense Essential Oil

Utilized in aromatherapy, Frankincense is effective also as an expectorant for clearing nasal passageway, while promoting congestion relief as well as easy breathing. It really is the woody, sweet, aroma that enhances the mood simply by diminishing sensations of anxiety and stress while enhancing focus and memory. This oil may be put into a diffuser/vaporizer then inhaled for the earthy and sedative fragrance it possesses.

It’s proven to improve moods and fighting stress. In fact, in certain spiritual practices, the Frankincense scent is able to strengthen the spiritual and intuition connection. A couple of drops in Frankincense put into a diffuser, combined with water which will make air freshener spray, is able to get rid of airborne bacteria. When sprayed inside a bedroom during the night, it will also help attain a situation of relaxation, preparedness for sleep.

Immediately after dilution alongside unscented carrier oils, this oil may be absorbed into the skin by way of topical application. When in a calming bath, a couple of drops associated with the oil may be added to ease stress. Blending Frankincense along with other essential oils and diluting this particular mixture, you can use it for cosmetics in order to make a homemade and natural anti-aging facial serum. When it comes to shampoos, the tonic properties are known to strengthen the roots of your hair.

An antiseptic type of oil, it makes for an excellent all-natural homemade cleaner as well as a disinfectant for cleansing indoor environments, eliminating bad bacteria, also to deodorize rooms in the house. When combined with baking soda as well as lemon essential oils, the solution makes a great scrubbing substance which is beneficial for getting rid of grease as well as leaving the space unsoiled while also aromatic. To make use of it alongside a dishcloth, this may be blended alongside water + thyme essential oils for wiping down surfaces such as the countertop.


Frankincense Contraindications

Based on the New Direction Aromatics (NDA) guidelines, they do not advise the essential oils use. While serious side effects are rare with Frankincense essential oils particularly, there may be possible negative impacts that include: rashes, stomach pains, nausea, and hyperacidity.

If you have a bleeding disorder or are on an anticoagulant medication, it is warned this use of Frankincense oil carries blood-thinning side effects which may increase irregular bleeding risk. Consult a physician right away if symptoms worsen. Note that if you are pregnant, it is strongly advised not to use Frankincense essential oil for its emmenagogue properties that induce menstruation, and maybe dangerous for fetus. Now you know amazing frankincense anti-aging benefits along with other awesome aromatic properties!