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Lump in Throat? Why You Need to Get that Checked

April 17, 2019

The feeling of having a lump in the throat is a common feeling for a large number of people. In fact, people may experience this painless but uncomfortable feeling at least once throughout their lives. People feeling or the sensation of having some form of swelling, bump or lump in the throat coupled with the absence of an actual lump in the throat is referred to as Globus sensation.

The most significant factor as to determine if the condition is indeed Globus sensation is the difficulty of swallowing due to the possible impact on an actual protruding structure in the throat.

If a person can swallow with nothing getting hit in and around the throat area, then it may most likely just be Globus sensation. However, if there is indeed difficulty swallowing due to some possible protruding structure in the throat or any form of blockage, then patients are advised to seek immediate medical attention as this can be the indication of a possible serious health condition.


What are the Causes of Lump in Throat Sensation?

Experts are still uncertain as to what may cause the Globus sensation. It can affect people from all walks of life regardless of gender and age and may come and go all throughout their lifetime. Enumerated below are some of the causes of lump in throat sensation:

Tension in the Muscles

Muscles in the throat are usually relaxed when not being used such as when talking and eating. However, if the said muscles relax incorrectly, the tension in the muscle may build up and may present itself as the sensation of having a lump or bump in the throat.

Deterioration of Muscle Coordination

The muscles in the throat are made in such a way that it can properly contract and relax in a coordinated fashion. This process can help the body’s throat muscles work correctly especially in terms of swallowing and talking. When the said process is no longer synchronized, people may feel the tightness of their throat muscles. This can be tested by swallowing a small amount of saliva. If the saliva swallowed results in a weird feeling of muscle tightness, then there could possibly be some form of deterioration of muscle coordination.

Acid Reflux

Acid reflux happens when acid from the stomach running up an individual’s esophagus making the patient feel like there is some swelling in the muscles of the throat. This swelling may result in the feeling or sensation of having a lump or a bump in the throat.

Postnasal Drip

Mucus may collect and accumulate in the back of an individual’s throat by having it drip down from the nasal cavity straight down to the person’s throat. Experts call this postnasal drip and the accumulation of mucus may feel like it is a form of lump or bump in the throat. In addition, the excess mucus may also increase the throat muscles sensitivity to various sensations further contributing to the Globus sensation.

Anxiety and Stress

A person’s emotional state may also contribute to the development of the Globus sensation. Anxiety, pride, stress, and grief have all been shown to initiate the Globus sensation or the sensation of having a lump in the throat. Being too tired or fatigued have also been known to possibly trigger the Globus sensation.


When to See a Doctor

The lump in throat sensation or Globus sensation is generally harmless and will not warrant or require a visit to the doctor. The problem lies when the said medical condition is confused with various other medical conditions that may require a doctor’s expert opinion and assessment. Patients are encouraged to coordinate with their doctors if the Globus sensation does not disappear after a few days and if other more severe symptoms appear.

Looking into the Globus sensation, doctors may refer patients to an ENT or to an Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist. This medical expert will closely examine a patient’s throat, nose, and mouth by using a flexible telescope with a light at the end that can pass through a patient’s nose to have the best view of the internal structures of the patient’s throat, sinuses, and nasal cavity.

The said procedure will not confirm any diagnosis of the lump in throat sensation or the Globus sensation but it will at least rule out the possibility of having a different medical condition that may be causing the lump in throat feeling for the patient or individuals.


Are There Any Treatments for the Globus Sensation?

There are no treatment options for the Globus sensation as experts and medical professionals are still uncertain of what causes it and because the lump in throat feeling will mostly resolve on its own for most people. People need reassurance though, that if they do feel the lump in the throat or Globus Sensation all throughout their lives, they are not alone in experiencing the said medical condition and that it usually is not a sign of any life-threatening medical condition.

Possible Reasons Why You Feel A Lump in the Throat

  • Tension in the muscles
  • Deterioration of muscle coordination
  • Acid reflux
  • Postnasal drip
  • Emotions such as anxiety and stress

lump in throat