Meditation for Athletes

Meditation for Athletes: Yes, It Will Improve Your Performance!

December 18, 2018

You must think that in order to become a good athlete, you should practice a lot and keep your body fit. But that it is also important that you take care of your mental health as well. This way, you are sure that you are attentive and focused while playing.

In addition, having a healthy mind can help you elevate your performance levels and lower your stress level. When your mind is active, you have the potential to stay in the game and keep your drive without being easily distracted.

One way that you can do to keep a healthy mind is through meditation. It is a practice in which you calm your mind and release your inner peace. Continue reading to know more the effects of meditation for athletes like you.

Meditation for Athletes

According to research, athletes who meditate are more inspired to work out. Through meditation, athletes are encouraged to push harder and become satisfied with their workouts. Studies also claim that meditation can give players enjoyment of what they are doing instead of feeling stressed. More than that, it can boost your performance.

But it is also important to note that just like any sport, meditation takes a lot of practice and concentration. To get the best results, you must make sure that what you are doing is right. Do not just settle for closing your eyes and thinking deeply. For you to really meditate, you must concentrate on your mind and body.

Meditation and Training

Fortunately, you can add meditation to your daily workouts. This way, you will not feel bothered or stressed that you need to have a separate time for your training and meditation. There are about 80,000 thoughts and around 70% of these thoughts are negative. When this happens, your performance can be low as well and you probably know that a bad game could reflect a lot about you and your team.

1. Pausing

When you feel that you are already distracted, tired, or simply not in your best game, pause a while. Not just a literal pause, instead a pause wherein you affirm yourself and shower your mind with positive thoughts. Look at your good performances and tell yourself that maybe you just need a bit of rest to get your game back together.

You can sit and relax for about 10 minutes when doing this. You can close your eyes while doing so. That way, you can concentrate more on encouraging and boosting yourself.

2. Good thoughts

As mentioned, you need to fill your thoughts with good things only. Try to focus on the positive sides of your life. You can even think of the things you want to do or achieve. However, maintaining a positive outlook can be hard, sometimes harder that physical training.

But do not feel burdened. Just take it lightly and take your mind to a place where you feel happy and at ease. Doing this can help you focus on relevant things that can encourage you to do better before your game. You can even visualize yourself already winning to further inspire you of the possible outcome if you focus and give your best in the game.

3. Enjoy

During the game, there are instances when the competition is too intense that you forget to have fun. You begin to focus more on winning instead of looking at the game as the opportunity to get experience and learn. When you are just after winning, you become so competitive that your goal is to bring your rival down. Sometimes, there are even cases when the two teams hurt each other to get the advantage.

If you want to have a healthy mind, you need to remember that you should be enjoying the game. When you feel like you are being too competitive, meditate for a while and restart your mindset. Make sure that your goal is to give your best and enjoy. This way, you can eliminate the pressure you have in yourself and the pressure you are giving your team.

Step-by-Step Meditation

If you have not tried meditation before, it is best that you know the step-by-step on how to do it. You can try watching tutorial videos or try the following:

  1. Find a comfortable position. It can by lying down or sitting, whichever you prefer. But if you are looking for the recommended position, it should be sitting. There are instances wherein you can fall asleep if you are lying down so it is better to just sit.
  2. Close your eyes slowly, but do not fall asleep! Just close your eyes and be ready to meditate.
  3. Listen to your surroundings. Do not enclose yourself to a quiet room, but instead a room filled with different sounds that can take you anywhere you want. Be wary, though, these sounds might distract your thoughts so you have to make sure that all the surrounding sounds blend well.
  4. Slowly feel the temperature in your skin. Feel your body. Feel every part of you starting from your head to your toes.
  5. Then focus on your breathing. You slowly breathe in, then slowly breathe out. You can also adjust the smell of the room for a better atmosphere.
  6. When everything is all set, think about the things that matter. Think about the game, your plans, or if you want you can think about your life in general. Consider everything that matters to you and start appreciating these.
  7. Let out your inner peace. When you have already settled your thoughts on relevant matters, you can start removing negative thoughts and release the peace inside of you.

There can be other steps in meditation. But if you want a simple one without giving you a lot of pressure or other activities, you can try those mentioned above.

Meditation can be a great help not only in your mental health but also in your performance. By meditating, you can keep yourself focused and encouraged to play.

Meditation for athletes