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Monk Fruit Sweetener: Is It Really Better Than Sugar

April 5, 2019

We need sugar in our lives, but too much of it can actually wreak havoc into the health of our bodies. So we need to find alternatives of sugar to tone it down a bit. There are alternatives like honey and the topic of this article, the monk fruit sweetener. The monk fruit sweetener had just been recently discovered due to its increasing availability.

For some, the monk fruit sweetener might be the best sweetener of all time because it has no calories; it has antioxidants and is relatively sweeter than your regular white sugar. But is it really better than sugar?

The Monk Fruit Sweetener

The monk fruit sweetener is an extraction from the monk fruit. This fruit can originally be found in Asia. In recent times though, it had spread in some parts of Europe and America. It is popular in Asia and people there use it in their ancient medicine techniques. Some food testing and qualifying agencies do not approve it for many centuries now but last 2010, it was finally approved by the FDA.

Extraction Process

The extraction process of monk fruit sweetener is pretty simple. First, you have to peel the skin of the monk fruit, including its seeds. Once the body and insides are exposed, you go ahead and extract the juice by whatever means. The juice and the body typically need drying afterward before getting pulverized.

The monk fruit sweetener is pretty natural as most of its contents are fructose. We all know that fructose is the sugar found in fruits and it is the very property that makes them sweeter. In the monk fruit sweetener, fructose does not make it sweet. What makes it sweet is the antioxidant content called mogrosides.

Mogrosides, an Antioxidant and Sweetener

The star of the night is actually not fructose-glucose; it is the mogrosides. During the process of extraction, they leave out the fructose and glucose and focus their attention more in the extraction of mogrosides. The number of mogrosides dictates the level of sweetness the monk fruit sweetener product can have. The monk fruit sweetener is definitely sweeter than your regular sugar, to reduce its sweetness; sometimes, it is mixed with other natural sweeteners that have the lesser sweetness to them.

The monk fruit sweetener can stand alone on its own if the producer or manufacturer deems that it should stay that way. Recently, the monk fruit sweetener is used in different products that need natural sweetness.

Benefits of the Monk Fruit Sweetener

The Monk Fruit Sweetener Might Relatively Affect Your Weight

The monk fruit sweetener is said to be a useful agent in helping people to cut on their weight. This notion originated from the fact that the monk fruit sweetener has no calories in it. Studies about the monk fruit sweetener link to weight loss are being conducted due to the possibility of the theory.

Studies about the link of monk fruit sweetener on a weight loss show that indeed, low-calories sweeteners like monk fruit sweetener can reduce weight and prevent gaining of weight. The downside is, the number of losses that it can induce might not be that significant.

Studies suggest too, the low-calorie sweeteners like monk fruit sweetener do not trigger overeating of other macronutrients like fat, which is a contributing factor as to why the monk fruit sweetener can relatively prevent gaining of weight. In addition to that, another study suggests that the addition of low-calories sweeteners like monk fruit sweetener can make you feel full and decreases the intensity of your body to consume more sugar.

The Other Possible Uses of Monk Fruit Sweetener

The Monk Fruit Sweetener as an Antioxidant

The main component of the monk fruit sweetener is mogroside. Mogroside makes monk fruit sweetener sweet. The mogroside content of monk fruit sweetener is antioxidant. Antioxidants fight the increase of free radicals roaming around our body. It also helps prevent further diseases and is a healthy component for our body.

The properties of mogroside are the real carriers of antioxidant. Antioxidant properties are such revered features of food. It has a lot of benefits that it can give to our body which includes the prevention of DNA damage which helps a lot in preventing further diseases and complications. Antioxidants are cancer-fighting properties too. Currently, cancer is second to the deadliest illness all over the world.

The Monk Fruit Sweetener Can Fight Off Cancer

There are studies which let rats be the subjects of their experiments involving cancer-fighting properties of mogrosides. The outcomes of the studies are positive. Antioxidant properties of mogroside showed signs of inhibiting cancer cells. The antioxidant properties of mogrosides also showed signs of masking off leukemia cells.

The Monk Fruit Sweetener Helps in Preventing the Rise of Sugar in the Blood

The monk fruit sweetener is a sweetener that has no calories in it which means, and it will not interfere with your current blood sugar condition.

The monk fruit sweetener in its purest form has no calories on it, but manufacturers and producers of the monk fruit sweetener products often mix it with other types of sweeteners to sort of tone it down. These mixtures often lead to an extra amount of calories and carbs in it. If you have diabetes, or you want to prevent the shoot up of your sugar in your blood, carefully read the labels of the monk fruit sweetener product packages first.

Studies involving rats as subjects show the significant effect of the monk fruit sweetener in reducing the level of sugar in the blood. In addition to that, it all contributes to the increase of good cholesterol in the blood.

The Takeaway

At this point, it is possible that the monk fruit sweetener can indeed be better than your regular sugar. The first point of why it is better is because of the zero calories the monk fruit sweetener features (In its purest form). People with diabetes can finally not be guilty in adding more sweetness in their diet because monk fruit sweetener has no calories in it. It’s no calorie feature makes it an undisputed sweetener, safe for sugar-worried individuals.

On the other hand, there all the advanced scientific theories that have been laid to us are merely experiments involving an animal. There is no human immersed in these experiments yet because it is considered inhumane for science to subject people to such dangerous predicaments. More research about its effectivity and safety should be conducted until we reach a particular conclusion and eradicate confusions, misconceptions, and theories about it.


Monk Fruit Sweetener – Good or Bad?

Written by Mary Jane Brown, Ph.D., RD (UK) on April 9, 2016