Anti-aging foods for women

Natural Anti-Aging Foods for Women

February 28, 2021

There are some things in life that we can control and lots of things that we cannot control. Among those that we will not have any control over even in the future is how we age. But although we can’t control this, there is still something that we can do about this. All of us want to age gracefully. To achieve this, many women resort to anti-aging foods that are available to all of us.


There is nothing wrong with these products as long as they are following the national food, drug, and cosmetics policies. However, wouldn’t it be better if we go green or prefer natural anti-aging foods to help us age gracefully?

To learn more about the natural anti-aging foods for women, let us explore the 10 natural anti-aging foods for women.



Topping the list of the natural anti-aging foods for women is watercress. Also known as yellowcress, watercress is scientifically proven to be effective to delay aging as it has an antiseptic property that works for our internal skin. This antiseptic property boosts mineral circulation and transfers to the different cells in our body. In addition to this, watercress supplies vitamin C and A to the skin thus helps improve skin oxygenation and free radicals removal.



Looking for a natural way to delay aging? Papaya may be the answer to your problem. Its yellow color ensures that it is loaded with various kinds of antioxidants to retain the glow in our skin. It also has the ability to fight off harmful free radicals that cause serious diseases and speed up the aging process.


Bell Peppers

Packed with antioxidants like carotenoids, red bell peppers are one of the superfoods in terms of anti-aging capabilities. Along with a lot of nutrients and vitamins, bell peppers also have high vitamin C content, allowing it to improve the production of collagen that our skin needs. Other health benefits include eye health maintenance, proper blood flow, and respiratory health support.



I grew up in the 1980s and one of the most popular cartoons at that time was Popeye. It is still fresh in my mind how Popeye who looks really weak and sickly will suddenly become strong once he has eaten spinach. In real life, spinach is one of the healthiest and most natural anti-aging foods for women. Packed with a lot of minerals like vitamin C, folate, iron, chlorophyll, magnesium a well as vitamins E and A, spinach is great for our skin health. Moreover it has that helps us have healthy bones and hair.



Polyphenols are among the healthy molecules that we can find in blueberries. Along with the famous flavonoid molecules, polyphenols make blueberries produce antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory products that we need to fight or slow down aging. This is why many clinical experts believe that regular consumption of this magic fruit is directly related to having a longer life. Other benefits that we can get are the reduction of people’s risks of having serious illnesses like diabetes, heart disease as well as Alzheimer’s disease.



My child is a nuts lover. Whether it is almonds, walnuts, or just the ordinary peanuts, he would always find a way to finish them up. What makes nuts special? Among the strong vitamins that we can find in nuts is vitamin E. This type of vitamin is important to delay aging. A lot of research showed that nuts can retain the moisture of our skin and at the same time repair tissue damages. As for those who love walnuts, then these are a big help to their health as it has omega-3 fatty acids that are important to preserve our skin’s natural glow.



Another anti-aging food for women is broccoli. Helpful in fighting off cancer, heart disease, obesity as well as diabetes, broccoli has nicotinamide mononucleotide. Some research has proven this chemical to be helpful in delaying the aging process by re-tuning our metabolic process. In addition to this, this vegetable contains a lot of vitamin C and sulforaphane that are important to prevent us from having wrinkles and acne. If you are having a hard time finding broccoli, you can always go for cabbage and kale as they offer the same anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits.



Looking for a way to activate your anti-aging responses? Avocado is the superfood that you might be looking for. This fruit has a lot of healthy fat oleic acid which is important in addressing inflammation and preventing wrinkles. In addition to these benefits, the fruit has vitamin E that acts as antioxidants to protect our skin from damages caused by the oxidation processes. Its benefits are not limited to aging as it is also scientifically proven to be helpful in fighting off cancer and diabetes.



If you are really looking for natural anti-aging food, then you need to consider looking at the benefits that we can get from a pomegranate. Pomegranate is a popular medicinal fruit for a long time now. It is very helpful for women especially those who aim to delay or slow down their aging because it contains a high level of vitamin C as well as antioxidants. These will help alleviate the damages caused by free radicals.


In addition to the antioxidants and vitamin C, pomegranate is also known for having punicalagin. These are essential to preserving as well as produce skin collagen which is crucial to delay aging.


Sweet Potatoes

Making it to the 10 natural anti-aging foods for women is the sweet potato. This root crop or root vegetable is perfect for those who need to boost their vitamin C and vitamin A in their body.


Vitamin A is important as it helps enhance the turnover of our skin cells that is crucial to us having youthful-looking, glowing and soft skin. On the other hand, vitamin C is essential to the rejuvenation of our skin cells. In addition to this, it helps eliminate the damaging free radicals that contribute to the fast aging process.


Anti-aging foods for women