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4 Natural Anti-Aging Supplements You Need To Take According To Dermatologists

July 14, 2020

Are you looking for natural anti-aging supplements? The anti-aging industry is worth over $50 billion yearly so you have several options. Some options are better than others, including ones that are dermatologist-recommended. Skin aging starts around 25 so it’s critical to provide the body’s largest organ with nutrients it needs. This can help to provide healthy skin and fight normal signs of aging. They include dry, rough, and loose skin. It’s normal for skin to start showing these results over time but you’ll likely want to slow down the process. That’s what anti-aging supplements are all about.

There are several skin-friendly supplements you can pick from. They include Vitamin C, Retinoids (Vitamin A), and fish oil. Based on various studies these are some of the best options due to a solid track record. For example, it’s long been known that fish oil is an effective substance for improving skin and hair health. That’s due to the healthy fat contained in fatty fish. In recent years Retinoids have been trending. They’re made from Vitamin A so you get the same benefits from the vitamin/antioxidant. Antioxidants are critical for good skin health because they help to fight off “free radical” molecules that attack healthy cells.


What Causes Skin Aging?

This is one of the main issues to take up before talking about some of the best natural supplements to take. There are several factors but one of the main ones is sun damage. This helps to explain why “sun spots” are named as such.

After long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays, this can cause sun/live/age spots to form. This is one of the main reasons you should avoid long-term sun exposure during the day and not wearing sunscreen on a sunny day. This can increase your chance of sunburn, skin damage, and premature aging.

This is why it’s critical to wear a good sunscreen. That includes SPF 30+ and broad-spectrum so you get protection from UVA and UVB. These products will help to provide the best protection from ultraviolet rays.

Various other environmental factors can cause skin aging. If you smoke this can cause toxic chemicals to affect your skin and cause issues like dry/rough skin. Air pollution, including secondhand smoke, is another cause of aging skin. Even cold or dry air can cause negative effects on your skin.

There are also non-environmental factors that can cause skin aging to happen faster. Genetics is one of the main factors. If your family has a history of healthy skin then there’s a greater chance you’ll experience it too. If the opposite is true then you’ll be more likely to experience faster skin aging.

Another factor is skin conditions. For example, if you have a certain skin disease then this could trigger faster skin aging. That’s especially true if it’s a chronic disease that can result in major symptoms. In that case, you’ll want to take steps to prevent major problems.

Lifestyle issues are also a factor. Bad diet, no exercise, stress levels, and lack of sleep can all cause skin aging to happen faster.

best Natural Anti-Aging Supplements

Best Natural Anti-Aging Supplements



These are both helpful vitamins/antioxidants to fight the signs of skin aging. Vitamin A has been trending lately because it’s used to make retinol (OTC) and retinoids (prescription) products. They’re both based on the vitamin but the difference is whether it’s a prescription-strength product.

Vitamin C is another popular vitamin that’s available as an anti-aging supplement. This is another skin-friendly vitamin that can improve skin health and fight the signs of skin aging and free radical molecules.



This is a natural supplement with antioxidants that helps to fight the effects of UV rays on the skin. They can cause skin damage if the skin doesn’t have enough protection. The product includes natural ingredients like Vitamin A, green tea, and fern extract. These ingredients team up to offer protection and help prevent sunburn/skin cancer.

Heliocare functions by boosting the skin’s tolerance to sun rays. It also reduces changes to the skin after long-term sun exposure. It also helps to keep skin stretchy.



This stands for Coenzyme Q10. It’s a nutrient that exists naturally in the human body. CoQ10 is found in several foods. It functions as an antioxidant that helps to protect skin from sun damage. It’s also important for the process of metabolism.

Most people have enough CoQ10 in their bodies naturally. However, studies show that CoQ10 supplements might help to provide skin-friendly and anti-aging benefits. Some studies show that taking supplements will help.



This product is extracted from fatty fish like tuna, salmon, trout, mackerel, and sardines. The oil is high in healthy fat, which is important for healthy skin and hair. Another option is krill oil, which is made from the tiny critters that whales like to consume.

Fish oil can help to provide several health benefits. Besides benefiting skin health it’s also good for hair, heart, brain, etc.


Top Tips to Fight Skin Aging



If you’re going to drink alcohol make sure to limit your intake. That’s because heavy drinking can cause various unwanted health results. There are various causes including the skin become dehydrated. A good guideline to follow is for men to drink a maximum of 2 drinks/day and women to drink a maximum of 1 drink/day.

You should also watch what kind of alcohol you’re drinking. A lass of fine wine is different from a wine cooler. Meanwhile, a microbrew beer is different from a mass-produced beer. You’ll get the most anti-aging benefits from options like red/white wine.



Stress can have several negative effects on the body and mind. It includes problems related to digestion, bone density, hair loss, high blood pressure, and anxiety. Another possible effect is skin health. If you want to slow down the effects of aging then take steps to lower your stress levels.

You have several options. They include hobbies sports, exercise, meditation, and yoga. These can help to boost your skin health and reverse the effects of stress/anxiety.



This is one of the worst activities if you want to prevent premature aging. Cigarettes contain many toxic chemicals that can cause various health issues including unhealthy skin. It’s critical to consider putting out your last cigarette or vaping the last time. All the strong chemicals can affect not only your mouth and lungs but also your skin.



Make sure to boost your intake to 3 liters. This is better than 2 liters, which is close to the recommended 8 glasses/day. You’ll also want to drink more water if you’re doing workouts, it’s summertime, etc. In these cases, it’s critical to drink more water since you’re losing more because of your environment. You should also go with purified water for best results like natural anti aging supplements.