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7 Natural Stool Softener to Relieve Constipation

April 17, 2019

According to research, it has been proven that women suffer more from constipation than men. This is logically put because, indeed, a woman’s hormone is alternately on the loose. However, regardless of gender, we suffer from the woes of constipation at least once in our lifetime.



There is no sole reason as to why you are experiencing constipation, and it is made up rather of a myriad of reasons. Was it because of my daily Korean barbeque buffet? My hormone? Am I pregnant? My upcoming menstruation? All this plagues our thoughts.

The truth is, constipation is an accumulation of these reasons. Prevention is always the key, so eating a well-balanced diet, hydrating yourself, and exercise will help a lot in preventing future constipations to come. Listening to your body helps too in treating an early onset of constipation.


Natural Stool Softeners

So if you haven’t been pooping for a week now, try to offset what you are feeling with natural laxatives or over the counter medications for hard stools. I prefer the natural remedy for constipation. They are inexpensive and mostly organic. The natural treatments are the closest that you can get if you want a gentle and mild treatment for constipation.


1. Water

Our colon creates the texture of the stool that will come out of the anus. Our stools draw out water in the colon to create an even and slightly soft and wetter texture. If we are hydrated, little water in the colon will be drawn out, resulting in dry and hard stools. In addition to that, water is not only important in the formation of our stools, but it is also important for the essential everyday needs of our body.

What’s worse is when the stools stay longer in the colon, and there is little water to keep them soft, they really get dried up which results in a painful bowel movement. To prevent this from happening you need to augment your daily need of hydration. Water is the healthiest hydration that you can get. So please, do not deprive yourself of water. If you are going out of town or simply going out of the house, pack yourself a bottle or a canteen of clean water.


2. Yogurt

Our gut is made up of billions of good and bad bacteria. They co-exist in a harmonious ecosystem because their ratio is balanced. Once the balanced is the tip, something will go wrong with your gut. Especially when the tipped balance is in favor of bad bacteria, a lot of complications can happen. These might result in a bloated feeling, indigestion, developed lactose intolerance, nausea, constipation and many more. You can balance the ratio of good and bad bacteria again by introducing good bacteria inducing drinks and food to your system. Yogurt or probiotics can help you in that area.


3. Greens

Your next savior in softening your stool by eating your leafy green vegetables. Do not shy away from your greens because they contain the fiber that you will need to clean your colon and soften your stools. The fiber gives you that full-blown feeling which prompts your bowel movement to move forward with the process of elimination. Your leafy greens also have magnesium in it and magnesium, by the way, helps soften your stools.


4. Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a multiverse of nutrients and health benefits, and nobody could really take note of how many are its benefits in our body. Aloe vera is actually a natural stool softener. Like water, it hydrates and makes the stools softer for the easy bowel movement. It adds to your colon’s mucus and literally coats the stools to hydrate it. It also has a compound which triggers contractions to fasten bowel movement.

The gel-like insides of the aloe vera are the most relevant part that you need for constipation.


5. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds when dissolved into water, transform into a gel-like, mucus-like form. So when you take it in with enough hydration, you get to have that gel-like texture in your stool, contributed by the chia seeds. This feature makes it an easy task for the bowel movement to move freely and smoothly to your colon down to your anus. Other good things about chia seeds are the fact that it is rich in fiber. Fiber makes you feel full. The feeling of fullness, stimulants our bowel movement and makes you go faster.


6. Flaxseeds

The flaxseeds have texture in it. Considering that it is such a small food, you can always throw it in any kinds of dish. Its versatile flavor makes it a good contribution in any dish too. Its fiber has the same effect of chia seeds. It makes you go faster. Another characteristic of chia seeds that makes it a viable option is its mucus–like transformation when it dissolves in water. This feature makes it possible for stools to be coated with mucus. When it’s time to have a loo, eliminating the, would not be a problem. Flaxseeds have magnesium too which makes it possible for a faster bowel movement.


7. Fruits

Fruits that are high in fiber may be the best option for you if you are looking for an organic and all natural stool softeners. Not to mention that they are the healthiest source of a source that you can source high fiber from. They are the closest that you can get to an all-natural laxative that is delicious and fresh. There are certain fruits though that are not high in fiber so try to choose those fruits that are known to be high on one. For example, high in fiber fruits are the likes of grapes, apricots, prunes, and figs. If you are not a fan of dripping wet fruits, you can try to go for dried fruits instead. Dried fruit is said to have a high amount of fiber and sugar, compared to fresh ones.

natural stool softener