nausea after eating

Nausea After Eating? The Top 3 Reasons Why

April 3, 2019

Eating food is maybe one of the most important requirements of our body. It acts as a fuel for our body to produce energy which is needed to carry on which our everyday duties. What we eat is what we are what our cells are and how our body works. Obviously, food is such a vital factor in living but what if your very fuel makes you sick or nauseous?

I remember chowing on a plate of chicken wings, slice pizza, a bar of chocolate, and a full swig of red wine. I have no idea of the horrible feeling I will be feeling soon after. After a minute of eating and enjoying, I finally felt that dreaded bloated feeling. Afterwards, I had a feeling of nausea and sickness coming in like thunderstorms.

Since then, I vowed not to eat too much to a point where I will feel sick. We have to find out though on how can we conquer this. Is overeating really the reason why we feel nausea? Is there certain food types that make us nauseous? Let us try to discuss in this article the factors that play a lot in the after feeling or eating especially the not so good feeling of nausea. Below are the three top possible reasons why you get nausea after eating.

1. It Has Something to Do with Stress

At times, some people use food as a coping mechanism when they get stressed. Often times, these food selections are very sugary and in huge amounts. Stress without our knowing does something in our body. This emotion or condition constricts the blood vessel, that might lead to either high or low blood pressure. It tightens our muscles and gives a little bit of physical pain in our neck. Without us knowing it, stress might give us nausea if topped with sugary craving in huge amounts, it might lead to nausea.
Stress also might indirectly cause a disorder on how your stomach breaks down your food. Try to stay hydrated when you are stressed, and it will help your stomach well in breaking down your food.

The other worse things that can happen is digestive illnesses in the character of bloating, gas pain, inflammation and more. Too much sweet might cause inflammation as eating too much of it for sure makes it a breeding ground for bad bacteria because of the unbalanced PH your level sugar bring in your gut. It might also feed some bacteria that belches out too much gas that might result to stomach gas pain.

What You Can Do

Please, when you get stressed, do not attack your body. Look for things that could benefit it instead. For example, when you are frustrated with your unreasonable boss, you can enroll in a boxing session where you get to punch something that looks like your boss. In addition to that, you can always opt to go for a well-balanced diet. You do not need to down an unreasonably huge amount of sugar.

2. Not Chewing Food Well

Chewing your food is the least that you can do to help your digestion and not add to its breaking down work. Everything actually from your mouth to your intestine is all working to help break down the food that you eat. The mouth has teeth to tear the food to pieces for better digestion and saliva to break down starch and other food particles. What you can do is chew the food that you eat carefully and properly. This action will help your stomach to break down food particles. The less work of the stomach means, no gastrointestinal, stomach, bowel movement, and nausea issues on your part.

3. You are sensitive to a certain food or types of food, and You are Pregnant

Be observant of the food that you eat. People each have a unique reaction to the food that they eat. Like for example, seafood might not be your stomach’s cup of tea, you feel nauseous after eating crabs, or dairy products do not complement well with your stomach. You would want to avoid them very much. Listen to what your body says, and it will save you a great deal of trouble in the long run.

Allergic reactions and other side reactions like nausea sometimes go away, and other times it does not. There are antihistamines and medical interventions; your doctor could do in order for you to still eat the food that you get nauseous about.

Pregnancy is another possibility of why you are having this feeling of nausea after eating. There is some food that your stomach might not agree with during pregnancy. This is strangely unique for each expecting mothers. Other mothers will feel sick of eating fish, and other might happily chow it down. Your hormones are to blame why you get sick with certain types of food when you are pregnant. The hormones are raging during pregnancy; they have significant effects on how your digestive system works.

The Takeaway

So there you have it, you have your top three reasons why you get nauseous after you eat. There may be some other reasons on top of that, but that is up to your research already. Eating is supposed to be fun and to give your body the fuel that it deserves. Being sick after eating is not supposed to happen. If this occurrence still goes on and is frequently happening, you might want to sick a medical intervention from a doctor or dietitian.

The digestive system is a magnificent and complicated chain of processes. It starts from your mouth to your anus. Along the food’s way, there is a possibility that something might get wrong along the way, your bowel movement might have a difficult time in eliminating your waste, or you have not chewed your food well. Listening to your bodily needs and symptoms will help you in the long run not just in the process of eliminating nausea. It will also be a big help if your diet is well balanced, you hydrate yourself regularly, and you try to do exercises.


Top 3 Reasons You Don’t Feel Good After You Eat


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