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Pain Above Belly Button: What Causes It?

February 26, 2021

Pain above the belly button is natural, just like how any other pain that occurs in that area. Not all pain experienced around the abdominal area of the body is the same though; plus it depends on where the pain is specifically felt, there are different causes and body organs affected.


Belly Button Pain

There are many ways to describe the pain and the same goes for the one felt above the belly button. Either mild, moderate, or severe pain, it usually is not the belly button that actually hurts – but there are still possibilities that it really is the affected area – but instead, it may be due to an underlying condition which just happens to radiate the pain over that area. Also, the pain felt depends on the cause whether it will be temporary which means it just appears from time to time, or if it is about to stay for a longer time.

Belly button pain does not directly occur because of an issue in the belly button itself, except maybe when the body part is accidentally entered by a foreign body which usually happens while it is being cleaned. Other than accidents regarding the belly button, it was previously mentioned that the more common causes of the pain are another condition. In order to identify what caused the pain, it is important to take into consideration the other symptoms that come together with the pain above the belly button.

Usually, people mistake what the belly button is for. But almost all of us have the knowledge about how the belly button was previously like after a baby was just born – it was connected to a lining called the umbilical cord.


Belly Button: What Is It For?

For a lot of people, the belly button is considered as the connection between the mother and child; this is because of how it was the hollow opening that directly connects with the umbilical cord. Also, it is said that the belly button or navel may also serve as a reminder of life for some individuals who thinks that it is a body part that is as important as life itself.

Before a child is given birth, the belly button serves a very important role which involves the blood circulation of the baby while they are still inside their mother’s womb. The umbilical cord serves as the pathway of the blood since it contains parts of the circulatory system which are two small arteries and a large vein. Through the cord, the oxygen-filled blood that comes from the mother is transferred to the baby.

As the umbilical cord gets removed after birth, there seems to be no significant use for the outer part of the belly button anymore. It does not have a specific function and is only left alone and just cleaned most of the time. Although it is true that the belly button surface is not too important when it comes to body functions, the previous internal function of it still continues. It becomes an official part of the circulatory system where it takes charge of supplying blood to a few organs near the pelvis such as the bladder and ureters.


What Causes Pain Above Belly Button

In order to identify the specific cause of the pain above the belly button, it is a must to be able to describe how the pain feels to the doctor. It is one of their ways to identify the cause because it usually depends on the resulted type of pain – whether mild, severe, sharp, bloating, and only occurs when the part of the belly button is touched among others – to know the underlying condition which made that part of the body feel that way.


1. A sharp and pulling pain

This type of pain is described to be almost similar to stabbing pain. When a person encounters this pain, it may be possible that the underlying cause is hernia. Other symptoms included are a more painful sensation when stretching or coughing, additional pain that is felt around the groin is, and there may also be a development of a bulge somewhere near the belly button. Hernia is a result of pressure on the belly button which may be caused by a fatty issue or a segment of the intestines that suddenly bulges out. The only treatment for this condition is undergoing surgery.

2. The painful feeling when the navel area is touched

Although this may also possibly occur with hernia, there is another condition which is more suitable to resulting this kind of pain – Crohn’s disease.

Crohn’s disease is a digestive issue, wherein the part of the digestive system which is its main concern is the small intestine. The disease starts with an inflammation of the intestine, and it affects an individual’s bowel movement. It is also common for this disease to be accompanied by pain in the surrounding area of the belly button, it may even feel more painful when the area is touched because its sensitivity increased.


3. Belly button pain accompanied by bloating

Bloating is a common symptom for most digestive issues, and when it happens together with pain above the belly button area it is most probably caused by indigestion. Fortunately, this condition is less serious compared to others. It is also possible to let this condition heal on its own but it is sometimes better to take a few medications that can help in speeding up the recovery and treatment.

However, there are chances that bloating and pain are caused by more serious conditions such as appendicitis and ulcer. Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix which is positioned near the large intestine, thus once it gets inflamed the pain will be felt somewhere near the belly button. It can only be treated by performing surgery, it is also considered an emergency situation once it occurs. Ulcer, on the other hand, usually occurs on the lining of the stomach. Similar pain and bloating may be experienced with this digestive problem.

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