Plantar Fasciitis

Protect Your Feet With The Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles

August 30, 2020

Plantar Fasciitis: A Brief Introduction

Plantar Fasciitis causes pain in the heel and occurs when the thick band of tissue that connects the toes to the heel bone. This medical condition can lead to pain that can be described as stabbing and will commonly be experienced in the mornings when people take their first steps for the day. Once people get moving, the pain can get reduced, but it may come back once long periods of sitting or standing up happens within the day.

The plantar fascia takes the form of a bowstring and supports the foot’s arch, and it also absorbs the shock experienced by the foot as people walk. If stress and tension on the plantar fascia occur at significant levels, then the fascia can have small tears, which can get the fascia irritated and inflamed. Fortunately, there are some insoles out there that can help protect the feet of those with plantar fasciitis.

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The Top Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis


1. Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support: Best Overall

These insoles are affordable and popular from a company known as Physix Gear. These insoles are designed to provide feet with adequate cushioning and support. It also makes use of EVA foam that is medical grade and high quality and delivers optimal absorption when it comes to shock and gives those suffering from plantar fasciitis that much needed relief.

Also, These insets can lead to a reduction of feet and leg fatigue. The heel cup and semi-rigid arch support provide added stabilization to help individuals regardless of physical activity, such as hiking, walking, and running. It is also designed to stay in place and prevent the development of food blisters with its non-slip heel feature. The insoles can also fit any shoe due to its low profile build. Lastly, it is competitively priced, encouraging individuals to buy more than one pair for different shoes.


2. Heel Pain Relief Orthotics for men from Dr. Scholl’s: Best Overall Runner up

Dr. Scholl’s is a trusted and reliable brand, and this product provides an insole that is full length and is specifically developed for people suffering from heel pain due to plantar fasciitis. It is easy to use and versatile and is ideal for daily activities such as running and walking. They have also been infused with technology known as Shock Guard and a contoured heel cup, which provides a cushion that is soothing and can absorb the shock to the heels, the spot most vulnerable for patients suffering from the said heel condition. Once the arch is reinforced, it can also provide protection where it matters most. The inserts are available in sizes for males and can be further adjusted based on the shape of the patient’s foot, making it wearable regardless of which type of shoe one wears. That makes it a combo of reliability and effectiveness, which makes it one of the top choices for a lot of individuals (along with its reasonable price!).


3. Sof Sole Plantar Fascia Insole: Best Budget

These insoles are affordable, and coming from a company such as Sof Sole, people no longer have to put up with the pain caused by plantar fasciitis or break the bank doing so. People can immediately get comfort and soothing with the gel cup of these insoles, which can help stabilize and control the rear portion of the foot. The arch can also aid in supporting and stretching the affected portion of the heel, which makes this product from Sof Sole one of the most ideal options for people who need to stay standing up for long periods. These insoles are also versatile and durable, and they can be used in different kinds of shoe casual or athletic or boots to sneakers.


4. Vivesole Silicone Gel Heel Cups: Runner Up for Best Budget

These insoles from Vivesole has a self-adhesive base. That means that they stay in place regardless of the type of shoe they are on. These insoles were developed using a gel that is moldable and soft. It provides a gentle massage for the heel and can conform to how the foot of the patient is shaped. Also, they have that extra cushion to help improve impact absorption and lead to soreness reduction, which means they are also ideal for people who need to stand up for long periods. Similar to the earlier entry, these insoles from Vivisole are also quite affordable, making them the perfect choice for those who want to buy multiple pairs and those who do not wish to remove them from their fave footwear once installed.


5. Superfeet Green Insoles: Best for Running

Runners rejoice! Runners are more prone to developing plantar fasciitis, but with the appropriate insoles worn, the risk significantly is reduced. These insoles can provide stability, shock absorption, and support for runners with arches that are medium or high. The insoles from Superfreet have excellent cushioning due to its use of a foam that is high-density. However, this product stays light and won’t add any significant weight to one’s footwear, making an ideal choice for runners. It also features a heel cup that is deep and wide, a feature that can further have the heels cradled, which can help in the prevention of the foot rolling while at the same time aid in the reduction of impact or shock. The arch of these insoles is considered biomechanically correct and can provide that much-needed comfort and support. It must be noted that they may be a bit more stiff compared to the other insoles on this list, but they can be broken in with just a few hours of wearing them.

These insoles are perfect for those with Plantar Fasciitis and depending on the individual’s specific needs, can greatly improve comfort and reduce heel pain. Of course, seeking the advice of a medical professional is important to get the right kind of arch support and should be done if symptoms persist.

The Best Plantar Fasciitis Insoles