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Pycnogenol How Does It Help with Aging?

October 24, 2020

Frequent exposure to UV radiation puts our entire self at risk. It is common knowledge that UV exposure can cause serious illnesses such as skin cancer. However, we also need to remind ourselves that frequent exposure to the sun or harmful chemicals around us triggers or speeds up our aging. How do we prevent or slow down this biological process? This is a question that many people ask. To have a closer look at this journey, I did some online research about the different ways to help delay our aging. Of course, I found some commercially available products that can help us such as anti-aging creams and ointments, but I am interested in the natural alternatives as the latter are safer to use. Among the options that I have considered is pycnogenol.


A Bird’s Eye View of Pycnogenol

Before we proceed with the different health benefits of this supplement, we should know more about its origin.
An extract of Pinus pinaster or French maritime pine bark, pycnogenol is a natural source of proanthocyanidins and several other antioxidants. These substances are commonly found in some berries, nuts, tea, cocoa, apples, grapes, and wine. Based on studies, pycnogenol is also beneficial in the fight against skin aging and other disorders. With this, it is but important for us to know the value of pycnogenol as an anti-aging product.

The environment is full of various toxins and ultraviolet rays that cause different kinds of skin disorders. Because of these factors, the skin loses its density, flux, strength, and tone. Aging and wrinkles are just some of the results of these harmful environmental factors.


How Pycnogenol Can Help Fight Off the Negative Effects of Aging

Packed with polyphenols and flavonols, pycnogenol anti-aging substances have been proven strong against multiple skin diseases. More importantly, its components are highly effective against cancer of the skin. By preventing the production of free radicals, it has been successful in reducing the visible effects of aging. Likewise, it has a key role to play in the replication and regeneration of cells.

Many clinical experts who have studied it found pycnogenol to show promise in acting as an effective antioxidant. This means that using this can help our bodies slow down the natural aging process. The other special properties still need further scientific studies but there are a lot of important findings pointing to the medical benefits that we can get from pycnogenol.

Among those that were already found by several medical research including the one that was done by New York University School of Medicine internist, Dr. Steven Lamm is that pycnogenol is effective in stabilizing our blood sugar. When the blood sugar level is kept normal, diabetes complications can be lessened or prevented. This result is significant as it could have a domino effect on our bodies. You see, when we have normal blood sugar, it will just follow that our blood vessels will function as expected, thus, cutting inflammation and blood clotting risks.


Other health benefits of consuming pycnogenol

Moving on from its effect on blood sugar, pycnogenol is also helpful in boosting our memory. Other medical conditions that the supplement can prevent are arthritis pain, varicose veins, and allergies.

You may be worried about the side effects of this supplement to those who are diagnosed with serious illnesses. Numerous clinical studies conducted by a team of researchers from the American Botanical Council found the supplement to be safe for patients who are also taking heart disease drugs. However, they warn pregnant women about drinking pycnogenol, especially those in the first trimester, as it can pose health risks for them and the baby.


General Guide for Taking the Supplement

Clinical experts and those who have tried it recommends a daily intake of at least 50 mg and at most 100 mg. Patients are advised to take the supplement with an empty stomach to maximize its effects. Experiencing headaches, dizziness and upset stomach are common side effects of pycnogenol.


Top Pycnogenol Supplements in the Market

Pycnogenol anti-aging effects have been popular. Due to this, a lot of supplement manufacturers from around the world have launched their versions of this to profit from those who are regularly using and maximizing the product for its numerous health benefits. Of course, we want to ensure that what we use is the best among the best. To help you with this, I have gathered the top of the line and the best pycnogenol anti-aging supplements that you can try.

If you are into Amazon, several manufacturers are considered as best sellers of this supplement. Topping the list is Nusa Pure which offers the French Maritime Pine Bark Extract for a more affordable price than most of its competitors.

Next on the list is Viva Naturals which promotes the supplement to those who are aiming to boost their blood circulation. Priced near to Nusa Pure is Nutra Champs. This manufacturer is proud to say that its supplement is effective in boosting our nitric oxide, resulting in better blood flow and vasodilation.

Healthy Origins nabbed the fourth spot, highlighting the antioxidant content of the supplement and its ability to fight off cancer and slow down aging. In the fifth spot is Now pycnogenol supplements, which tries to attract customers’ attention by offering the supplement at a more affordable price.

These supplements can support our health goals. However, as a word of caution, it is necessary that before we take any of these is we seek medical assistance. This way we can be assured that our body will not have negative reactions to pycnogenol.