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Resveratrol Anti Aging Properties: Is It The New Elixir Against Aging?

July 16, 2020

Indeed, resveratrol anti-aging is giving everyone who wants to be as young-looking as long as possible great hopes. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy super-smooth skin that’s free of wrinkles? Everyone does right? And there may be a lot of reasons to rejoice with this powerful antioxidant. Yup. You got that right. This is one antioxidant that seemingly would move heaven and earth just to get those pesky free radicals away from you. A lot of research says so. Still, there is a handful of work to do to authenticate how life-changing resveratrol is.

To claim that resveratrol is the new elixir of life is a big one. Elixirs are a messenger of hope. If there’s one thing every breathing human on the planet dreads most, aging may well be top of that list. No kidding. Looking at the billion-dollar beauty and healthcare industry confirms this. Nobody wants to look old. Nobody wants to be labeled as a has-been. So as much as possible, people will do anything to get back the youthfulness in their lives. Even if it just skin deep. Read on.


What in the World is Resveratrol?

We can talk about the mega-battle between free radicals and antioxidants but that would produce in effect an elephant in the room. Indeed, first thing first. And the greater question is: What in the world is a thing called resveratrol.

Right off the bat, know that resveratrol has been in existence since plants occupied the planet. So, technically longer than the first man on Earth. And that begs the question: Is resveratrol synthetic. Nope, definitely not.

It’s true. There’s a lot of excitement swirling about the product. Doctors whose main concern is satisfying their clientele’s need to look good, Hollywood stars who want to look gorgeous forever, and of course skincare companies waiting in line to pounce on the hottest most in-demand fountain of youth in town.

Resveratrol is part and parcel of a plant’s life. Specifically, it is a naturally-occurring phytoalexin and phenol manufactured by various plant species. Its major function is to act as a plant’s defense mechanism.

Resveratrol is basically an antimicrobial substance that is used by plants to fight destructive forces such as stress or disease. And that alone tells you how powerful this chemical is.

Recently, intense attention has been heaped on resveratrol. It’s but timely and not beyond reason, however. Over time, researchers bore witness to how powerful resveratrol’s antioxidant abilities are. Which in the long run translates to anti-aging so powerful it’s creating a stir in companies wanting to bank on its huge skincare potential.


How Does It Work?

Wonder why resveratrol has attained so much acclaim as a health agent. The answer is it’s because it does the hard work. Perhaps even better than most antioxidants in the market today.

The effectivity of resveratrol can be traced to its powerful antioxidant action. It negates the harmful action of free radicals. It does this by scavenging for those free radicals existing in its environment. This way, it prevents the formation of more free radicals.

There has been a lot of research that shows how free radicals are at the root cause of many life-threatening diseases. For one, arteries get clogged by plaque formed by free radicals working double time. Antioxidant action counter such harmful effects.

Resveratrol has been very effective in containing free radicals responsible for skin aging and cellular damage. In this regard, it has been proven to be effective in getting youthful skin back. So much, some experts point out resveratrol has greater antioxidant anti-aging action compared to more well-established antioxidants such as vitamin C or for that matter vitamin E.

The topical application of resveratrol seemingly is the way to go. You can use it to protect your skin. Research has shown applying resveratrol can protect the skin versus Ultraviolet light damage. For one, it’s a good protector against skin damage that’s UVB mediated.

Further, resveratrol has been shown to limit oxidative stress that’s UVB induced. Also, it helps prevent pesky UVA damage.


Is Resveratrol Anti-aging the New Elixir?

The answer is it’s possible. Resveratrol could be a great way to regain one’s youth back. But we can’t say for certain. There are still a lot of questions that need to be answered before humanity starts worshipping this plant chemical as the next fountain of youth.

With that said, the effectivity of resveratrol in putting back your skin to younger days is apparent.

And you may do well getting yourself red wine more often than usual. It has been said that red wine is a great aid in keeping a healthy heart. This time around as the liquid compound contains a good dose of the now-in-demand resveratrol ingredient, drinking red wine may well be your best path to getting smoother, younger-looking skin.

To note, resveratrol is abundant in red grapes – specifically its skin. The powerful antioxidant is teeming in red wine after the fermentation process turns the diminutive fruit into a drinkable version.

Many aspects support the powerful antioxidant anti-aging feature of resveratrol. Though a certain amount of moderation would do any red wine fanatic well. Too much alcohol, be it red wine or not, is always a danger to one’s health. And the antioxidant properties of resveratrol may drown in all the booze, negating all its good effects.

However, it must be made clear that there is still no conclusive research that shows which is more effective: taking resveratrol internally or externally. But a lot of early users of the ingredient prefer using it topically. Which is normal for the skincare industry.

When applied topically, resveratrol exhibits two powerful antioxidant actions:

  • It protects and enhances the skin like an antioxidant doing its thing independently
  • Plus, it rallies other antioxidants, increasing their production thereby keeping the skin as formidable against the attacks of free radical as possible.


Of course, the best way to use it may not be as a lone ranger. As is usually the case with most antioxidants, it’s best you take resveratrol along with other powerful antioxidants. You might not like it but getting Vitamin C and also Vitamin E together with the plant ingredient may be the best way to utilize resveratrol anti-aging.