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Serrapeptase and Its Anti-Aging Benefits

November 12, 2020

A common enzyme used to reduce inflammation, serrapeptase has been said to possess some anti-aging properties. It is widely used to boost the response of the body to various kinds of injuries. It is used in dentistry specifically after minor surgeries like tooth extraction. Its main function is to relieve facial swelling, pain, and lockjaw or jaw muscle spasms. It is mainly engaged in reducing inflammatory cells in the affected areas.


How Serrapeptase Helps in Anti-aging

Now that we have a background of the subject, let us explore the truth behind serrapeptase anti-aging effects. This brings us to the question, is serrapeptase anti-aging?

An average balanced diet often lacks some of the basic nutrients needed to achieve completely good health. Considered as a safer and better option than aspirin, serrapeptase can serve as your daily preemptive inflammatory. With the numerous benefits it can offer to our health, it is not surprising how it can keep our skin younger looking.

Healthy skin is free from any kind of infection. One of the serrapeptase anti-aging impacts is that it helps reduce the chances of bacteria infecting your skin. It stops the development of biofilm, which protects bacteria from antibiotics. This biofilm is the reason behind the fast growth of bacteria that eventually leads to infection. Serrapeptase boosts the efficacy of antibiotics by inhibiting biofilm formation.

Based on studies, serrapeptase can be very useful in the treatment of Staphylococcus aureus. By improving the antibiotics’ effectiveness, it helps cure the top cause of infections tied to a healthcare setting. Compared to the use of antibiotics alone, a combination of serrapeptase and antibiotics was more effective in both animal and test-tube trials. Furthermore, even antibiotic-resistant infections are no match against the serrapeptase-antibiotics combo. It can be considered as a great strategy to stop or curb disease progression.


Other Important Health Benefits from Using Serrapeptase


1. Dissolves Blood Clots

We have covered the serrapeptase anti-aging effects. However, the benefits that we can get are not limited to that. With its capacity to dissolve blood clots, serrapeptase is seriously being considered as a treatment for atherosclerosis. Based on personal accounts, it can keep the arteries clear preventing the buildup of plaque and breaking down fibrin and damaged tissues. In doing so, serrapeptase prevents the disease from progressing to more serious forms like heart attack and stroke. However, further studies are still needed to verify the effectiveness of serrapeptase in dissolving blood clots.


2. Can be Useful in Treating Chronic Respiratory Diseases

Individuals who are suffering from chronic respiratory diseases can somehow benefit from serrapeptase. Aside from reducing lung inflammation, it helps remove mucus to keep the airways clear. Other common disorders include pulmonary hypertension, asthma, and chronic pulmonary disease. Although currently untreatable, serrapeptase can help improve the quality of life of chronic respiratory disease patients. Although inconclusive, a recent study found that bronchitis patients who received serrapeptase experienced lesser mucus production compared to the placebo group.


3. Relieves Pain

In a study of close to 200 patients suffering from the inflammatory throat, nose, and ear disorders, serrapeptase significantly reduced the production of mucus as well as the severity of pain. In separate studies, it was very effective in decreasing the intensity of pain and swelling following wisdom tooth removal.


Possible Side Effects

The intake of serrapeptase is tied to several potential side effects and risks. Some individuals who consumed this enzyme reported blood clotting disturbance, coughing, and stomach pain. Other cited skin allergies, nausea, poor appetite, and joint and muscle pain as adverse reactions.

Serrapeptase should be taken with caution. Never use it with aspirin, warfarin, or any other kind of blood thinners because the risk of bruising or bleeding is high. The same is also true for certain types of food including turmeric, fish oil, and garlic.


Additional Notes

If you plan to make a serrapeptase part of your anti-aging program, you can make the most out of it by supporting it with various other moves. Get serious about your general well-being by making health a major priority. This is probably the easiest and most sensible way to stop premature aging and avoid diseases. Also good to consider are oxygen therapy and homeopathy.

For those who are planning to establish a balance in their energy system, electric acupressure and acupuncture are highly recommended. These methods are known to treat many diseases just by dealing with the corresponding points linked to different conditions.

To get the best results out of serrapeptase, you can do it together with some kind of cleansing or detoxifying. You can do this once a year. By doing so, you can help your digestive system heal and recover. This can also help in rebuilding your kidneys and liver, which are crucial to ensure the health of your lungs.

Do not forget to include exercise as part of your anti-aging program. This is an excellent way to move oxygen all over your body. Moving around can instantly boost the body’s regeneration, energy, and health.

Avoid junk foods at all cost because they contribute to cell degeneration. The kinds of food you need to stop eating include irradiated, processed, overcooked, and microwaved foods. As much as possible, do not eat pasta, potato products, breakfast cereals, biscuits, and bread.

Instead of junk foods, go for foods that can boost cell regeneration. In a day, try your best to consume no less than 10 to 14 servings of dark-skinned fruits and vegetables. Doing so can help you attain a nutrient level required to prevent and treat diseases.

Never forget to drink ample amounts of water every day. This is a basic essential, especially if you want to achieve good health. Choose filtered water and avoid the bottled versions. Go for pure water instead of drinking soft drinks, coffee, or tea as they can just worsen your health problems.

Boost your intake of serrapeptase with other nutritious elements that can strengthen your anti-aging program. Take a colloidal iron supplement if you have an iron deficiency because it can lead to energy loss. Maintain a healthy functioning system by taking fatty acid complex in the form of fish oil or hemp oil. Drink probiotics to avoid food poisoning, help digestion, and sustain a healthy digestive system.

Aside from serrapeptase, you can try many other anti-aging supplements. The top options include vitamin E complex, brain complex formula, and DHEA sublingual spray. You can also go for prostate health formula for men and natural estrogen for women. Organic lithium, astaxanthin, and coenzyme Q10 are also great choices.