shea butter anti aging moisturizer

Shea Butter Anti-Aging Moisturizer for Skin: Benefits and How to Use It

January 24, 2021

Shea tree nuts give us the shea butter. It is ivory and off-white colored with a creamy consistency making it easy for you to apply. Most of these shea trees from which the butter is gotten are grown in the western part of Africa. Shea butter anti-aging moisturizer has high amounts of vitamins and fatty acids which are some of the things that make it a good ingredient for skin softening. It also has some healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Applying shea butter to your body, particularly your face will tone, soothe and condition your skin.

Aging is a natural process that everyone has to go through at some point in theirs. It helps to know the right products to use to control it and preserve your youthful face as much as you can. And shea butter offers this benefit but you have to apply it consistently and best make it a routine so as to make its effect long term. There are lots of positive reviews online about the anti-aging effect of shea butter. Raw shea butter absorbs quickly and deeply hydrates the skin making it firm.


Benefits Of Shea Butter Anti Aging Moisturizer

Anti-aging: Shea butter is one of the best natural skin products that provide anti-aging benefits. Although as of now the mechanism of action of this product is not yet known there are possibilities of it being related to collage production or reducing its breakdown.


  • Revitalizes skin: Using shea butter defends the skin against wrinkles and fine lines. It revitalizes dull skin and gives the skin a healthier appearance making it look younger.
  • Healing and anti-inflammatory properties: It has been proven that shea butter has anti-inflammatory characteristics. Swelling and redness on the face can be relieved by applying products containing shea butter.
  • Emollient properties: The tree from which shea butter is extracted can penetrate into the skin. It creates a soft and smooth barrier to seal its moisture for several hours.
  • Reduces inflammation: According to the findings of a study done in 2010 shea butter is considered anti-inflammatory. The reason for this is said to be its content like cinnamic acid and lupeol cinnamate which was discovered to relieve inflammation of the skin and potentially help in avoiding mutations of the skin. People with acne may find this beneficial.
  • Skin smoothing: This skincare product aids the production of the collagen and possesses palmitic, stearic, linolenic and oleic acids that nourish and protects the skin preventing it from drying. People who use this on their skin for a long period of time report having that their skin was strengthened and softened and also reduces wrinkles.
  • Moisturizing: Because of the concentration of fatty acids, vitamins and some other ingredients in shea butter, it functions as a great moisturizer and nourishment to the skin. It is usually recommended for remedying dry skin. Shea butter also protects the natural oils that are produced in your skin.


How To Apply

An easy way you can use shea butter on the face is to get a cream that contains shea butter as part of its ingredients. This can be purchased from a pharmacy, online retailer or health food supply store. Some people prefer to use the natural unprocessed shea butter which is effective.

Either can be applied to the face before going to bed. This should be included in your morning or night skincare routine and with the time you will get used to it. The oil and fatty acids in this butter may bring difficulty when you want to apply makeup.

Facial masks can be made out of shea butter including some other ingredients. After using the facial mask wash away with warm water or cream cleanser. To make this mask you have to mix one tablespoon of raw honey, three to four drops of grapeseed oil, and one tablespoon of purely made shea butter.

Let this mixture be done well and then spread it on your face. Allow the mask to stay there for ten to twelve minutes before rinsing it off with water and a washcloth to get the best results. These masks should be handled with care as there is a possibility of them promoting acne.

If our shea butter is too thick to be used you can meet it by applying heat before use. But do not allow it to boil or its beneficial properties will be lost. You may also mix it with some other oils.


Risks and Side Effects

Another good thing about shea butter is that it is a very low-risk ingredient when used topically. It is rare to get allergic reactions as a result of using shea butter. Even those who have allergies to nuts from trees just like that of shea butter, have low chances of developing reactions from using shea butter. Researchers believe the reason for this is that it has only a little amount of proteins normally found in tree nuts which trigger allergies.

This, however, does not mean that it is risk-free. Shea butter may be comedogenic given its consistency. Some websites will say shea butter is not comedogenic or that its comedogenic ratings are low. Where they got this from is not clear as no studies are available on this subject. We must take into consideration the fact that the dermatology academy in America supports that shea butter may clog skin pores and lead to acne.


Shea butter anti-aging moisturizer has been proven to be of benefit to your skin. A lot of skincare products of varying prices contains shea butter as one of their main ingredients. The anti-aging and soothing properties of shea butter will give your skin a smooth appearance and reduces aging effects. However, apply pure shea butter to your bare face may cause breakouts. Even products that contain little shea butter may cause acne when applied to the face.