How to Reduce Cellulite

7 Tips to Reduce Cellulite

January 22, 2019

Cellulite is one of my most hated health and wellness related topics. And I bet you that I am not alone on this. There are a lot of people, especially those who are conscious about their body shape. Although, this subject is not loved by many, one way or another we need to discuss it to see how can we prevent or even just lessen them.

I can still remember the first time that I had cellulite. I grew up really petite and at the time, I thought that I have some sort of immunity to fats or even to cellulite. Because of this, I have not been conscious with my eating habits as well as my activities until I noticed the fat deposits starting to build up on my legs. I was alarmed and asked around how to eliminate them. Since Dr. Google was not yet popular at that time, resources that could help me learn more about this topic are really hard to get. To save you from the misery that I had before, here are some of the important facts about these fat deposits. There are also seven ways that will surely help you know how to reduce cellulite.

How Do Cellulites Develop?

A term commonly used to refer to the fats deposited mostly in the pelvic and abdominal skin, cellulite can appear due to several reasons. Among its usual causes are a sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet, and hormonal reasons. In addition to this, cellulite is also genetically predisposed, which in my case is the culprit. Above all the causes mentioned here, many medical professionals agree that toxicity accumulation is the highest risk factor to the fat formation.

Hey, this is not the end of the world yet. Like most of the people out there, I have a lot of cellulites still waiting for them to be sent off. One of the most important things to know about preventing cellulite is that to start with changing one’s lifestyle. Following this are some helpful tips for us to know how to reduce cellulite.

Cleansing Diet is the Key

Since the formation of cellulite in our body is mostly caused by the toxins that we have accumulated through the years, the first step is to cleanse our body. And to do this, we should start with cleansing. Once you start this, you will be surprised as to how it can impact your life.

To launch your journey to a better you, begin with filling your daily diet with fruits and vegetables. Fruits such as lemons, cucumber, and guavas are helpful with cleansing as they are helpful with our metabolism. It will also help push all the toxins that have built up in our tissues and body organs. As part of cleansing, it is essential to prioritize freshly cooked meals over those that are ready to eat dinners.

Water & Fruit Juices to Flush Out the Toxins

In addition to starting a cleansing diet, hydration is an important key to flush out toxins. Increasing your water intake to 2 liters a day will surely do the works. To ensure that the toxins are being pushed out, it is important to start your day with drinking pure water.

Based on my experience, I add lemon and cucumber slices to our water to further benefit from this technique. Their nutrients are added to the water and help remove and lessen our fat deposits.

Go for Himalayan or Celtic Salt

This technique may look simple but it will really benefit us a lot. Instead of using refined salt to season our meals, it is more helpful in reducing cellulite if we substitute it with the Himalayan or Celtic salt. This is because refined salt is known as acidic while Himlayan and Celtic salts are rich in nutrients. These nutrients will be useful in detoxification.

Detoxification with Professional Guidance

Another important step in your cellulite-free journey is to seek medical assistance. This helps in effectively get the toxins out of your system. There are several ways to do this such as undergoing colon cleansing which is only done at home. You may also consider enemas or colonic establishments with the guidance of a colon therapist.

How Can Massage and Skin Brushing Help Reduce Our Cellulites?

To trigger or help with the release of toxins in our body, one beneficial technique to try is the skin massage or skin brushing. This technique is helpful as long as the targeted areas are those with fat deposits. When done appropriately and effectively, the toxins will be moved to the other areas such as the colon where they will be ready to be pushed out. To avoid any challenges or troubles along the way, it is recommended to run the skin brushing technique for a minute. After this, incrementally increase it to few minutes as the time passes by.

Having an Active Life to Trigger or Increase Sweating

Another way of releasing the toxins in our body, which results in having fewer cellulites, is to have an active life. Having regular exercise wherein you sweat a lot is a good sign that toxins are being removed from our body. In addition to this, the longer and more frequent you exercise, the toner and fitter your body will be. Having a toned body is a good sign that fat deposits are being eliminated from the body.

Using Skin Thinning Creams Is a Big No

If you are considering using skin thinning creams, then I urge you to think twice. This is for the simple reason that having a thin skin will highlight and make the cellulites more obvious. Instead of using thinning creams, you should consider using moisturizers with a high content of coconut oil or natural oil. These can also help out lessen your cellulites. Meanwhile, the best move is still to consult with a dermatologist or a medical professional before you apply any creams or medicines. By doing this, you will be assured that your journey to a better you is a safe one.