tonsil stone removal

Tonsil Stone Removal: Treatment and Home Remedies

April 8, 2019

Have you ever had stuff trapped on your tonsils? If it stays there a while then it could turn into a tonsil stone. They can get quite large and the biggest recorded one was 5.7 in. (14.5 cm). It’s bad enough to get a piece of food or something caught in our throat. It’s worse when it hardens and becomes a “stone.” That’s when it’s time to find effective tonsil stone removal to get it out and start living life again. The tonsils are actually designed to keep stuff like bacteria outside the throat but in the case of tonsil stones will need some help to keep the area clear.

The good news is you probably won’t have to get your tonsils removed when these stones form on them. Sometimes you’ll have to visit a doctor to have the stones removed. However, in many cases, you can actually use home remedies with ingredients as basic as water, salt, and oil. You can also eat some basic foods that have acid or “good germs” for getting rid of the stones. The bottom line is the solution might not require to you spend money or even go anywhere to buy meds or ingredients.

What Are Tonsil Stones?

Let’s start with the basics of these stones. The fancy name is “Tonsilloliths.” And they’re caused when various types of debris get stuck on the tonsils. The debris could include food particles, mucus, or bacteria. After the stuff gets trapped it can harden and become a “stone.”

The stones look like yellow or white flakes, which explains the “lith” part of the official name. If the tonsil stone is large enough you can see it. As the name suggests they might look like small rocks trapped inside the mouth.

While these things on the tonsils are often small, they can cause some bigger issues. For example, if bacteria form then it can cause various problems in the mouth like gum disease and tooth cavities.

While it’s important to treat tonsil stones you can often get rid of them without visiting a dentist. This can include some basic steps like gargling, eating certain foods, or scraping it off.

These types of treatments can save you a lot of time, effort, and money. In many cases, you can treat the stones without removing them. It really depends on if there are other symptoms. Meanwhile, if you see other symptoms then you should get medical help because they might be a sign of more serious conditions.

Always use caution when home remedies. You should consult a doctor if you notice:

  • Tonsil stone symptoms without stones
  • Stones get swollen, red, or painful
  • It’s painful to remove the stones
  • You can only remove part of the stone

If you have major problems with tonsil stones then a doctor might provide more advanced treatments. They include zapping it with a laser, tonsil reshaping, or even removing the tonsils. These are more extreme solutions, and in many cases you won’t need them because basic home remedies work.

Tonsil Stone Home Remedies

If you have tonsil stones you can try some basic home remedies including:

1. Onion/Garlic

When you get these stones it’s important to minimize how much bacteria forms on them. Garlic might help because it can help keep away bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

2. Yogurt

This one works because of probiotics or “good bacteria” in it that help to battle the bacteria that cause tonsil stones.

3. Salt Water

Rinsing in this mixture can help to treat oral wounds and stones. This is a basic remedy that’s been used for thousands of years. If you want to get the best results use lukewarm water, which will make it more powerful and effective.

4. Vinegar

If you want to get fancy you can use apple cider vinegar. First dilute it with water then gargle. The vinegar’s acidity can help to break down the stones.

5. Coughing

Yes, this can actually help to loosen the stone from the tonsils so it falls off. This treatment only works with small stones though.

6. Apples/Carrots

These two foods work in different ways. The apple’s bacteria help to battle the stones. Meanwhile, chewing carrots helps to boost saliva and make it more anti-bacterial.

7. Essential Oils

Some oils like lemongrass oil are anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory. These oils might help to make the stones smaller or get rid of them.

Here’s what you do. Dilute the oils in carrier oil then put 1-2 drops on the toothbrush. Next, brush away the stones When you’re done make sure to throw out the toothbrush and the nasty bacteria.

8. Cotton Swab

You could use this remedy if you can see a small tonsil stone. The process involves scraping off the stuff. It’s important to be careful to prevent infection and the stone getting bigger. When you’re done use salt water to gargle.

Preventing Tonsil Stones

If you want to prevent getting tonsil stones you should also take some basic steps to reduce the chance they’ll form. It doesn’t mean there’s a 100% chance you won’t get them but it will improve your odds.

First, the only way to prevent the stones permanently is to have your tonsil removed with a “tonsillectomy” surgery. If you don’t have tonsils then you can’t have stones on them.

Well, there’s a catch with this option. There’s a very small chance the tonsils could grow back so the solution might not really be a permanent one. While this procedure is safe some risks involve infection and swelling. You’ll also get to eat lots of ice cream, of course.

If you want a less permanent solution you can take other steps to help prevent the small growths. One is basic good oral hygiene. Make sure to use toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash regularly to keep your teeth and gums as clean as possible.

Another helpful tool is a water sprayer. This can help to keep the mouth and tonsils clean by removing bacteria and debris, which will reduce the chance of tonsil stones.

One issue is sort of related to treatment and prevention. There’s a chance the “tonsil stones” you have are actually something else. Some possible problems might be gum disease, strep throat, tonsillitis, or tonsil cancer.

These conditions can cause pain in/near the tonsils. So, it’s important to have a doctor check it out if you’re not sure what the problem is.

Some of these other conditions are various serious so it’s better to be on the safe side. This will help you find the right solution and also give you peace of mind. If you do have stones you now know some home remedies and treatments for tonsil stone removal.