Too much exercise

Are You Exercising Too Much?

January 16, 2019

A year ago, I decided to lose weight. There was a big event that I was to attend and I want to save money and reused the formal attire I have been keeping in my closet for a long time. However, the challenge I had back at that time was I am 10 kilos over than the weight I had when wore the dresses. So, instead of buying a new one to use for the event, I got eager to lose the extra pounds to fit in my pre-loved clothes.

First in my agenda was to cut my food intake. Some of my friends have been trying to limit their calorie intake, so I got into the bandwagon. I downloaded an app and started with my calorie counting routine. A month has passed, but I only lost less than a kilo. As the big event is nearing, I researched the other ways to effectively lose weight fast. As always, I read that combining diet with regular exercise will seal the deal; hence, started my weight loss journey.

Moderate and regular exercise is highly recommended by medical professionals as this will help us stay fit and lose the unwanted fat that we have. However, the risk here is that when we are aiming to lose weight, there is a big chance that we go overboard. Instead of being fit, we exercise too much that it was causing us to become unhealthy and underweight. To help us in this journey, here are some important points about healthy exercising that we should all know.

Health Effects of Exercising

Many clinical studies recommend regular exercising as this has a lot of health benefits. Sports dietitian Chloe McLeod mentioned in an interview that exercising results to our body producing serotonin that is helpful in boosting our mood. Additionally, McLeod said that moderate exercise boosts our metabolism, maintains blood sugar level, cuts inflammation and lessens the stress that we are experiencing. Other essential health benefits from exercising are as follow.

  • Less cancer and type 2 diabetes risk
  • Low blood pressure
  • Better muscle buildup
  • Less osteoporosis risk
  • Less fall risk
  • More energy

Signs That We Are Having Too Much Exercise

To lose weight fast, we tend to push our body and exercise too much. There are times that we forgot to rest because we are so determined with losing weight. As much as exercise is important to our health, rest is also essential as it prepares our body and provides the energy that we need for our next workouts. In addition to this, rest will also prevent us from having health problems due to too much exercise. To save ourselves from the perils of overexercising, below are the signs to watch out. If these signs persist, it is highly advised that you completely rest for a week or two. If the symptoms continue despite you resting, the next step is to seek immediate help from your doctor.

  • Deteriorating performance level during exercise
  • Too much fatigue resulting to your body demanding to have longer rest times
  • Depression
  • Experiencing irritability as well as mood swings
  • Insomnia
  • Sore muscles
  • Muscle and joint injuries
  • Demotivation
  • Colds
  • Severe weight loss
  • Anxiety

Tips to Prevent Yourself from Overexercising

Being mindful of the signs that our body exhibit is essential to prevent ourselves from overtraining and facing serious health problems. To ensure that our body is prepared for the exercise or workout, one important thing to do is to have the calories that you need for the intensity and length of exercise that you are about to perform. In addition to the calorie intake, it is also helpful to drink adequate liquids like fruit juices and water before the workout.

Another way of saving yourself from the troubling results of overexercising is to have 8 hours of rest/sleep at the minimum every night. In terms of rest periods, experts recommend that you have 6 hours interval between exercises.

Factors to Consider When Exercising

An effective way of assessing the appropriate exercise level and frequency for your body is by taking into considerations several factors such as overall health condition, body composition, body mass index and the training background. Most medical professionals recommend that we have a total of 2.5 hours at a minimum and 5 hours at the maximum every week if you are to perform moderate intensity exercises. On the other hand, 1.25 hours at a minimum and 2.5 hours at the maximum on a weekly basis if you are to perform vigorous exercises.

Meanwhile, for those who are gearing up for a contest, then it is best to include muscle strengthening routines in your weekly exercise, even if it will just be done twice a week. Aside from this, you can also add resistance to specific training to ensure that your endurance will last during the competition.

If you are new to exercising, it may be challenging to add this to your daily routine. Based on experience, I can say that in order to keep you going and for you to reach your goal of losing weight, then the best thing to do is to start with the exercises or activities that you enjoy. For instance, in my case, I enjoy and love dancing, so to motivate myself, I started with participating in zumba classes. Once I got my body and health accustomed to the new routines that I am having, I added other activities that I love such as running and swimming. The idea behind this strategy is that you won’t feel in some way that you are forcing yourself to be active. This is because you are doing the things that you love and enjoy; and when we do this, time passes by so fast that we won’t notice that we already spent an hour exercising. As a reminder, it is just important to know our thresholds as even if we love what we are doing, it is still necessary that we don’t compromise our body by performing too much exercises.

Too much exercise