Vicks VaporRub for Acne

Can Vicks VaporRub Help with Acne?

January 17, 2019

A common problem that may arise among young people is the development of acne on their faces. Truly, who wants an ugly skin disease that irritates the skin and at the same time decrease your self-esteem? Acne can exist in all ages in many parts of the body including the face and back, though the teenagers are the most sufferers of it and it is a big deal for them.

Acne is caused by the bodies’ hormonal imbalance, and in addition to that, bacteria, dead skin cells, oil, and other foreign matter has a factor in its development or production.

Pimple flare-ups can be very frustrating, and finding for the right solution for this condition may add to your frustrations. Perhaps you’ve tried changing your diet or sleep habits. Perhaps you’ve also tried different beauty products but none of these works. Surely, there are many cosmetic products available on commercial advertisements, but you might be surprised by this one suggestion.

Vicks VapoRub is not your ultimate zip zapper but you may find this a miracle in helping to calm your acne down, removing them down the line.

How to use it?

Simply smear the zit with a small amount of Vicks and leave it. You might feel a tingly sensation and a weirdly cool experience, but that is just normal. The following morning, you may notice a vast difference for the skin disease. It dries out and even the pain that hangs with it is eliminated.

In other cases, the effect or effects of Vicks might take a couple of days before it manifest.

Vicks VapoRub versus Acne

Researchers have found that applying a small amount of Vicks to a cystic acne and leaving it overnight will zap it out. They say that the home remedy contains a lot of ingredients that fight pimples. Fortunately, the formula is not complicated so you can look for the individual ingredient’s use. These ingredients include:

  • Camphor

    Camphor has a long medical history but it is used as a topical analgesic and cough suppressant in the Vicks formula. But camphor is noted to be an effective treatment against skin complaints in a 2017 essential oils review. So applying it directly to the skin is not new. Camphor relieves fungal infections as well as skin irritations. Nevertheless, be careful. Applying a large amount of camphor is hazardous, especially in children, but a small amount may be beneficial.

  • Eucalyptus Oil

    Like camphor, eucalyptus oil is considered as a cough suppressant in the formula of Vicks product. But the same as camphor, eucalyptus oil was shown to have the same properties that fight skin problems. For instance, it is used to heal the wound as well as an antibacterial agent. Interestingly, the same assets are helpful for clearing acne. One of the major causes of pimples is the bacteria “P. acnes”. P. acnes can significantly be killed by eucalyptus as per one study. Nevertheless, experts advise for eucalyptus oil’s moderate use, because like camphor, it can be toxic.

  • Menthol

    Adding to the VapoRub’s cough suppressant and topical analgesic formula is menthol. But beside these, menthol reduces swelling potentials of a pimple. According to a board-certified dermatologist named Tsippora Shainhouse, the formula is effective in temporarily reducing the swelling and pain of acne. However, she points that it can also irritate sensitive acne.

  • Cedar Leaf Oil

    This oil has the potential to be toxic. However, in the formula of Vicks, it is listed as an inactive substance which soothes colds and coughs. Moreover, cedar leaf oil is considered an essential oil for treating acne and rashes.

The skin has a natural skin oil called sebum and it adds to the formation of acne. According to some belief, the production of sebum is regulated by the use of this essential oil.

Testimonials for the effectivity of Vicks VapoRub

Testimonies that Vicks VaporRub is beneficial for removing acne are popping out. One reviewer wrote that the chemical dries the acne overnight, drawing all the puss and grossness properties a pimple have. So instead of introducing the acne to the public for a week or two, the process of growing the pimple’s head will simply speed up and gone the next day.

Another reviewer points that she always uses Vicks for her acne as she was impressed with its magic. She believes that the menthol properties of Vicks VaporRub kill bacteria; plus it takes the inflammation and redness away. All her cystic acne were gone after applying it in the night.

The last testimony, which comes from a doctor, says that it is strangely helpful in calming down acne flare-ups. He was a bit skeptical, but the anti-inflammatory properties that Vicks VapoRub has might be the reason for its use against acne.

Acne Specialists insights

Surely, Vicks VapoRub contains a lot of ingredients that fight acne problems. However, the same product contains other ingredients that can worsen a pimple. Petroleum jelly, for example, is a substance that is bad for acne-prone areas.

Dr. Mitchel Manway does not advise the use of Vicks VapoRub for pimples. First and foremost, the petroleum jelly substance in Vicks can bring acne to a worse state. This is according not just by Manway, but by other health professionals. The thick and oily texture of Vicks can also clog pores and may cause for worse acne attack, according to Manway. So instead of having a smooth skin, the use of VapoRub might fire back and irritates the skin.

According to the experts, there are numerous beauty products available in your nearest drugstore that doesn’t need a prescription. You can use this in instead of Vicks if your acne problems are minimal. If it is severe, you should immediately contact a dermatologist to be examined, and at the same provides for a solution. Vicks VapoRub might have been proven to be effective in drying up the acne, but the risk in its cargo is not to be dismissed. It might even cause a severe problem in the long run.