what causes sulfur burps

What Causes Sulfur Burps?

April 8, 2019

A regular burp is not that smelly, it is simply the way of your gut to blurt out all the excess gas that your digestive system has. For some people, it might smell a bit (depending on the person who burps), but mostly, it does not smell so bad as the sulfur burp. So what causes sulfur burps?

What Causes Burping?

The process of burping is a natural thing, but too much burping might suggest an underlying medical situation down there. For more common causes, burping is due to the excess that your digestive system accumulates during the process of your living. Too much chewing, speaking when your mouth feels, drinking carbonated drinks, chewing gums, smoking and the likes of it all bring triggering effect for burping. Sulfur burps, on the other hand, are different but are quite similar in a lot of ways.

As mentioned above, sulfur burps are different especially in terms of smell and also in terms of the contents of the burp. Below are the following causes of sulfur burps:

What Causes of Sulfur Burps?

The food or drink that the person took in

Sulfur burps usually happen when you eat food and beverages that are high in protein. The high protein content in the menu when broken down by bacteria in the gut, results in the production of hydrogen sulfide gas that is eventually eliminated in the form of a burp. Now, this burp is what you call the sulfur burp/burps.

Underlying Digestive System Issues

Issues of the digestive system are known to cause sulfur burps. For example, sulfur burps can be caused by acid reflux. The acid of acid reflux might cause a sudden rise up of gas from your gut to your mouth. The imbalanced ratio of good bacteria and harmful bacteria in your gut might also lead to sulfur burps. Infection in your intestines might also cause sulfur burps.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning can indeed cause sulfur burps. This is due to the fact that your stomach would like as much as possible to draw out the contents of your stomach, be it gas, liquid, or solid food.


Some medications induce sulfur burps. If you know that you are prone to these burps and they are quite frequent, let your doctor know so he could adjust your medication to your liking.


Stress is more than an emotional occurrence. It also goes as far as physiological. When we get stressed, we either tend to intake more air or lesser air in our gut.

Expecting Mothers

Pregnancy can cause a lot of physical changes in our body. These changes are reactions of our body in adjusting to the wonderful happenings in our body.

The Treatment for Sulfur Burps

Sulfur burps can be relatively caused by an accumulation of the causes mentioned above and possibly with other causes that we do not know about. Their practices, diets, and carefully crafted lifestyle cheat that we can do to alleviate the frequency of sulfur burps or eliminate it altogether.

1. Drink teas especially green tea

Green teas are generally teas that are good for the overall health of our digestive system. It particularly cleanses our gut and removes some of the toxins in there. Thus, green tea eliminates the occurrence of sulfur burps in the future. The other herbal tea that might help alleviate the frequency of sulfur burps is peppermint tea. Peppermint tea can also help eliminate bad breath. Another tea that can keep your sulfur burps in minimum is the chamomile tea. Chamomile teas are not only soothing for your gut, but it also helps improve the overall health of your immune system.

2. Hydrating yourself with water

Hydrating yourself with water is the least that you could do to help your digestive with all the work that it needs to achieve within a day. Drinking water every day after and before a meal helps so much in controlling the frequency of sulfur burps. It also cleanses your colon and reduces bad breath for individuals.

3. Honey

Honey is such a healthy natural sweetener. In fact, you can replace your daily dose of brown sugar accumulation with that of honey. Honey rarely gives inflammation to the stomach compared to your regular white and brown sugar. It helps kill bacteria in your gut that might potentially cause infection. It is such a healthy sweetener for your gut because it relieves you of several disorders in your gut that might result in sulfur burps and many more bothering symptoms.

4. Baking soda

Baking soda is made of sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate in its edible form like what your mama uses in baking is the safest selection that you could drink to try to prevent sulfur burps. Dissolve a spoonful of baking soda in a tall glass of clean water. Down it all in and expect results in a day.

5. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many uses for our body. It is believed even to help individuals cut on their weight. Apple cider is also good for the digestive system because it is believed to balance the ph level of your gut, making it a conducive environment for a good balance of bad and good bacteria living in your gut. You can take a spoonful of apple cider vinegar every morning for every day. You can take it in any kinds of methods as long as the dosage is only a spoonful.

6. Reduce the consumption of food that might cause sulfur burps

If you are someone who is suffering from frequent sulfur burps, you might want to instill in your lifestyle the general avoidance of triggering food that can be a factor for sulfur burps. Pretty much all food that is high in protein and high in sulfur should be taken at a minimum. Examples of these are garlic, carbonated beverages, milk, sugary food, and many more. Not all people plagued with frequent sulfur burps are triggered by the types of food mentioned in the preceding statements. You yourself can assess what type or kind of food will not trigger your sulfur burps.


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By Jon Johnson

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