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Is Witch Hazel Anti-Aging? + Ways to Use It plus Benefits

December 8, 2020

Mankind has gone through a lot in the past decades. The technological advancements brought about by the launch of the Internet are a lot that it encompasses and contributes to the different areas of our lives. As much as there are risks with the constant use of the Internet, the technology is a big help to us as it allows us to search for ways to boost our medical or health conditions in an instant. One of the popular solutions that I’ve come across is the use of witch hazel. This is among the most popular alternative medicines or health supplements that you can find online. But it still raises some questions to my mind. What is witch hazel? Are the witch hazel anti-aging effects true? Let us explore more and learn about how this magical plant can help us in our anti-aging journey.


An Overview of Witch Hazel

A flowering plant that is native in North America, China, and Japan, witch hazel has four different kinds namely H. virginiana, H. Mexicana, H. japonica, and H. Vernalis. The plant is among the most prominent ornamental ones that are being taken care of as they produce colorful flowers that normally expand during the autumn or before the fall season.


Is Witch Hazel Anti-Aging?

This flowering plant has a lot to offer. Topping the list is its ability to help slow down the process of aging. When it comes to witch hazel anti-aging effects, these are most visible on skin rejuvenation, repair, and moisturization.

Many experts agree that witch hazel contains compounds that help prevent skin dehydration. Some of those who have tried it found it to be helpful in all types of skin. They believe that it is effective as it locks in the moisture and produces soothing and calming effects on the skin.

As for skin rejuvenation, experts agree that the plan can work as an antiseptic. It can alleviate infection by cleaning scrapes and promotes skin cell healing.

Another anti-aging contribution that it offers is that it secures the skin in a way that is safe from sun exposure damages such as wrinkles, melanoma, fine lines, and in worst cases, skin cancer. In addition to protection, witch hazel is also helpful in alleviating or hindering tumors or cancer cells from multiplying.


Other Benefits From the Flowering Plant

Witch hazel anti-aging effect is just one of its many health uses of witch hazel. Eczema and psoriasis remedy, as well as poison ivy and insect bite treatment, are among the health benefits experienced by many people who have used it. There is also research that has associated witch hazel with the prevention or treatment of some serious illnesses like tuberculosis, gastrointestinal illnesses, as well as inflammation.


Witch Hazel Anti-Aging Uses

We need to know the various ways to prepare and use the flowering plant to maximize its benefits. Below are the different ways to use it.


1. Essential oil is gaining momentum in the alternative medicine market

With this trend, many essential oil manufacturers have included witch hazel in their product line. Extracts of the flowering plant are converted into oil to help people with some medical conditions. Among the chemicals or substances in the extract, that help treats hemorrhoids, skin allergies, and minor injuries or bleeding are ballotins and calcium oxalate.


2. Astringent

Experts especially those in North America prepare the bark and leaves of the plant to come up with an antiseptic and astringent. The agent that will be extracted from these parts is added or converted to a solid form like gels, ointments, and creams. Some people use it to prevent rashes caused by wearing diapers in babies.


3. Steam Distillation

Another popular way of using the plant is through distillation. The preparation was conceptualized and done by a missionary called Charles Hawes. Through the process, he was able to extract the medicinal properties of witch hazel stored in its twigs. Research stated that Hawes sold the first extract to chemist and drug developer Alvan Whittemore in the 1800s.

After several years, the process was improved by Thomas Newton Dickinson Sr. The refined distillation steps were implemented in nine development areas in the state of Connecticut.


4. Witch Hazel Chicken Pox Soothing Mixture

Some people testify about the effectiveness of this wonder plant is soothing or calming chickenpox. I just had this disease recently and it is still fresh in my memory the discomfort and pain brought about by chickenpox blisters.

A mixture of witch hazel is helpful to calm the blisters. To make the mixture, there are witch hazel extracts available from drug stores. Use a cup of the extracts and add them to a cup of water. Mix the solution and apply lavishly on the skin as often as you need.


5. Puffy Eyes Effect

Every day is a busy day for every one of us. Stressors are everywhere and it is often that we experience puffy or tired eyes possibly due to lack of sleep or in some cases excessive crying. Witch hazel is hailed by some people as one of the effective solutions for this dilemma. To refresh puffy eyes, all you have to do is to get small cotton pads and soak them in a witch hazel anti-aging solution. Once down, slowly put the wet cotton balls on your eyes and relax for around 10 minutes. Apply as often as you need as it shows promise in removing eye redness and addressing blood vessel shrinkage.

Is Witch Hazel Anti-Aging